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Acai Berry and Chocolates Craving

Acai Berry and Chocolates Craving


Acai Berry and Chocolates Craving

by Anne Torres

Acai berry is an astonishing food supplement for the reason that it is rich in antioxidants that make our metabolisms better. Meaning, acai berry can help us eat whatever food that we long for. It also helps us indulge with foods that are rather destructive to our system like chocolates.

When I was young, I have this obsession about chocolate. I eat chocolates almost everyday. Now, I frequently refer to chocolate as a boyfriend replacement or stress reliever. When I get stressed out from work or when I am sad because we just had a huge fight with my friend, I experience a craving for chocolates.

I don't know if you will have the same opinion with me but I have this good and amazing feeling after pampering my self with chocolates. After eating chocolates I feel that my mood is changed positively and I feel a lot better.

Chocolate have an effect on me in a downbeat and optimistic way. I have learned from my mom that chocolates are amazing for the heart for the reason that it boosts the receptivity of blood vessels which is important for preventing heart disease. Chocolate also has substances such as antioxidants that helps put off cancer, aging and other diseases.

I have also read that chocolate is made to cause headache, obesity, heart burn and emotional problems like irritability, confusion, anger and depression. For the reason that chocolate is rich in carbohydrates, I know that it's not doing any good for me to lose weight which is what I have been trying to do for a couple of months now.

But because I can never do away with chocolates, I know I need acai berry for me to fight the unconstructive effects of chocolates. This way, I would be able to eat chocolates as much as I want. Who says too much of a good thing is bad?

About the Author:
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