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About Your Life Purpose

About Your Life Purpose


About Your Life Purpose

by Maurice Turmel PhD

Finding your life purpose requires making a connection with your Source. Dealing with the various traumas life has brought proves to be essential in unlocking life purpose. You cannot fully access it until you deal with your life history.

It is fine to dream about life purpose and how you can make a contribution to life on earth. But you cannot skip over the therapeutic and self-discovery steps that are necessary to get you there. In my experience, too many people want to leap ahead to the good part, the service part of life purpose rather than deal with their psychological and personal development issues.

We live in an age where life purpose, heart centeredness and loving service are the brands lightworkers are seeking. Personal growth enthusiasts are cleaning out closets, polishing windows and ridding their souls of extraneous debris. All this effort brings us closer to the truth lying within. You will appreciate your life purpose with renewed vigor as you clarify what it means for you.

Life purpose is born in the ethers. It encompasses the deal you made with the Creator and your Higher Self before incarnating this time around. From this collaboration came an imprint, based on that contract and then embedded into your DNA.

Our life purpose does not come as an instant and unexpected surprise. There have been hints leading you here all your life. They have shown themselves in the form of interests, visible talents, passions and innate abilities. Now that you are reaching for it, life purpose will reach back to pull you forward. Pay attention, your purpose is on the line.

We never lose our life purpose, we just lose sight of it as we enter into earth life and face all those early year challenges. Our hints have brought us to a place where we 'remember' that life purpose exists. Personal and spiritual growth programs are about cleansing those psychological closets so we can retrieve life purpose and activate it. But first, we must do our due diligence.

Our mythological ancestry is filled with tales about heroes and heroines going through trials and tribulations in order to cleanse their heart and soul. Every hero from mythology has to deal with fear, self-confidence and defensive postures that no longer serve them. Cleaning up their psychological house always proves to be job one. In that process our larger than life heroines retrieve their individual life purpose.

As our mythical characters go through this process of cleansing and self-discovery, they find themselves opening doors that were unconsciously closed during their entry years into earth experience. Now they realize they must return to these developmental key points to undo survival decisions that were made during more difficult times.

We, who are personal growth enthusiasts and aspiring lightworkers, are all drawn to this symbolic unfolding. It calls to us as any yearning of the heart would. We want to be fully realized. Our God Nature demands it of us. All challenging roads lead to the heart. And Home is where the Heart is. Remember? This is my view of Life Purpose.

About the Author:
Dr Maurice Turmel is a 25 year veteran therapist who has been exploring life purpose for most of his life. In his novel "The Voice- A Mythological Guide to Lightworker Service" life purpose is the main challenge. Lightworkers everywhere are awakening to their individual path of service.

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