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About SEO

About SEO


About SEO

by Justin Harrison

If you are conducting an Internet Marketing campaign and are not doing any SEO, then you are losing out on some pretty high traffic flow to your website. This traffic flow is obviously very important to your business since it is high numbers that can be converted into sales which means bottom line, sales profits and money. SEO can be viewed as a way to advertise for free. Any form of free advertisement for your business should be used immediately and should never be frowned upon by anyone. SEO is very important to the Internet and is absolutely crucial when it comes to landing sales through the Internet.

The most popular search engines, Google and Yahoo, developed a very complex ranking system that was designed to rank websites. This complex ranking system decides which websites shows up on the results pages when you perform an Internet keyword search on the search engines. Obviously, you desire for your website to show up on the first page of results of the rankings. As you know, most Internet users only use the first or second page of results and this is why SEO is so important for your business to be using.

SEO is not about spending money to get a higher rank. You may only need to pay some amount of money to the SEO expert you have hired, or the SEO firm you have outsourced the work to. Doing SEO on your own also makes a lot of sense. You may learn the SEO guidelines, for they are extremely easy to understand. You would end up paying no money at all, if you do the SEO by yourself. You have no obligation to pay the search engines any money for the rank you achieve.

If you do it yourself and you not familiar with SEO and you do not learn the entire complex, detail parts about SEO, then you risk making common mistakes like overusing keywords and incorrectly using keywords. When you do this, you are penalized by Google. You can end up in a worse ranking than before. If you choose to pursue SEO on your own, just realize that Google changes and frequently updates their rules and the rankings system based on technology developments and advances.

Unfortunately, there are some loop holes in SEO as well. Firstly, it takes a lot of effort and time in doing the SEO. You will have to spend quite a few hours daily doing the job. The process is an ongoing one and needs to be done continuously. The positive results are not guaranteed either. You could be disappointed with no fruits for your hard work. Many people also complain about shocking rank falls. You may lose your top spot in no time, courtesy - a high competition or modification in search engine algorithm.

Because of the above drawbacks, many website owners do not invest into SEO. They are more inclined towards investment into popular advertising programs such as PPC. So, ask yourself - ?Do you need to do SEO?? If your answer is 'yes', and if you feel you can devote considerable amount of time to it, then you must certainly give SEO a try.

About the Author:
Justin Harrison is an internationally recognised Internet Marketing expert who provides world class SEO Services to website owners. For more information visit: http://www.seorankings.co.za

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