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A Wireless Bug Detector Opens Your Eyes

A Wireless Bug Detector Opens Your Eyes


A Wireless Bug Detector Opens Your Eyes

by Steve Thibeault

Ever heard the expression big brother is watching you? It seems than wherever we go, some kind of surveillance device is capturing our every move. This can be just another byproduct of living in the technology age and sadly it can also be the byproduct of the extremely high crime rates that we are subject to. While surveillance is commonplace in a public environment, it should not be in a private place. If you suspect that this may be the case then protect yourself, your personal or business interest and look into a wireless bug detector.

The wireless bug detector is basically an anti-surveillance device. Available in a variety of forms and different shapes, they can be used to find a variety of innovative spying devices in a room. Use the device to search for illicit bugs. Easily held in your hand, simply "sweep" the area around you.

In almost every society, spying is an illegal activity. However, this does not stop some people who may be tempted to invade your privacy by spying on you when you are in a hotel room, or other private quarters within an otherwise public establishment. A wireless bug detector can protect you from spying devices during almost every eventuality.

Sometimes spies will place audio bugs next to phones or even within the set itself and wireless bug detectors can be used to track these down, readily. There are a number of different types of detector and some of the larger ones will track the most sophisticated spy cameras. In this case, the product will allow you to actually see what the spy camera sees.

By tracking radio frequency, or RF, wireless bug detectors look for radio signals that are being sent from one place to the other. For example, an implanted bug would send signals via a radio frequency to a receiver. The detector scans the whole room for radio signals and report whatever it finds. When getting ready to scan, therefore, it makes sense to switch off your cell phone or any computer network within the area.

Cutting edge technology is used in the most up-to-date wireless bug detectors. Amazing accuracy is used through the use of microprocessor circuitry. You can adjust the sensitivity controls allowing you to really narrow in on these devices, as some of them can be smaller than a penny in size. The detectors are battery operated between 1 MHz and 3 GHz range and this covers the range most widely used by most bugs.

Sometimes, the most sophisticated spy would choose a higher frequency bug, operating at 4 GHz or 6 GHz, for example. These items are very expensive and quite rare, so the majority of people will choose the more conventional frequency ranges covered by the traditional wireless bug detector.

You want some peace of mind when you enter private areas which may have been used by others before you or are under the control of somebody else. Wireless bug detectors give you that assurance and really protect your privacy. The products may be used in the business world as well as within personal situations, as anti-espionage initiatives are applicable.

About the Author:
Expert author Steve Thibeault knows a great deal about wireless bug detectors. Consult www.hiddenpinholecameras.com for all your surveillance requirements.

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