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A Way To Making It Through The Recession

A Way To Making It Through The Recession


A Way To Making It Through The Recession

by Lyndsay Searle

We are being bombarded all the time with bad news about redundancies, job losses, shorter hours, cut backs and other ways firms are having to cope to stay afloat and make it through these terrible times. I live in New Zealandand we are constantly being reminded that our country is not as bad as others but we still have 1,200 people every week loosing their jobs.

Our country has only 4 million people and at this horrific rate soon there will be no one left working.

I know this is all very depressing and many are wondering how the next few months let alone years are going to be got through.

We have 2 univercity students due to finish soon and dispite being highly qualified they will be struggling to find jobs. Normaly one did not think of white collar workers being made redundant but now whole companies are folding. The society that we knew is changing and to keep up with it we need to think outside the square.

During depressions and wars there were always those that profited from the downturn some of them making their fortunes. An example is my fathers uncle designed airplane engines in the Second World War in Britain and became a millionaire. Companies that made ammunitions and arms made millions, money beyond their wildest dreams.

Sometimes it is being at the right place at the right time but often these people have the foresight and tenacity to make something out of nothing.

My friend, the world is changing and we need to think differently, you may be looking for employment but what about being your own boss? What about buying your own job?

At 56, my husband, found himself with out a job and instead of getting disheartened he went out looking for a small business to buy. He purchased a painting a decorating business for $35,000 NZ dollars one year ago. Painting your house is the last thing you want to do when you do not have much money or have run out at the end of a project. So I bought into a very different business which is booming and growing beyond anticipation. I had no previous knowledge of the skills I am using now but have had the most fantastic training and support not normally seen in a big company, which continues to be ongoing.

So if you are looking for a business to buy and take control of your life back you need to be careful about what you get into. Do your homework well as there are good opportunities as well as bad. You need a good pension, compensation plans and good commissions.

Would you like to visit my website where you will meet my business partner, who will explain the main reasons why businesses fail and much more? It will not take long. Click on the underlined words.

About the Author:
Mrs Searle is a mother of 4 children living in NewZealand, and has experienced first hand the effects of the recession. She was fed up of always having to scrimp and save and never being able to afford to buy things the family needed let alone desired. She had the daring to change her career from being a nurse to working at home part time. please click on the link for more info. business.

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