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A Versatile Door Draft Protector Can Help You Lower Your Bills

A Versatile Door Draft Protector Can Help You Lower Your Bills


A Versatile Door Draft Protector Can Help You Lower Your Bills

by Angie Meza

Scarcely does a day go by without more bad economic news, telling us that energy costs are rising. This put a lot of extra pressure on our monthly operating budget, especially as oil seems to be rising in cost ad infinitum. As these energy costs rise, we can expect higher utility bills, putting additional pressure on us when it comes to heating or cooling our home. Nobody likes to see their valuable air conditioned leaking out, nor do they want to suffer whilst wintry air seeps in. It is important to look for any leaks and protect against them with a door draft protector.

Sometimes, as houses get older they tend to settle and this movement in the foundation can cause gaps to appear between the bottom of doors and the floor. These gaps may be very difficult to see with the human eye, but they are there nonetheless. If there is a gap, air seeping in or out will have a major effect on the cost of your utility bill. This is where a good door draft protector comes in, as it can be fitted to your problem areas to simply solve the problem.

A good door draft protector is extremely flexible and can be adjusted to fit any space. Typically, the door draft blocker come in a standard size, 3" x 42" and are primarily designed to fit a conventional size 36 inch doorway.

Whilst there are many places where air can escape or enter due to a poor seal, note that the attic door is a primary location. Warm air will rise and you do not want it seeping through your attic door. Using a door draft protector will pay off dividends.

If you are looking for leaks, don't just pay attention to the front door or the back door, but look at other areas, such as your sliding glass doors. It does not make any sense to put additional pressure on your heating furnace or air conditioning unit by allowing leaks to occur. Your utility units will have to work overtime to maintain your ideal temperature, otherwise.

There are a couple of different ways to test for a leak around your windows. Don't forget, that windows can just as easily allow air to seep in or out. For example, just run your hand around the edges of the window and see if you can feel a draft. Alternatively, light a match and place it near the window, and it will burn towards the direction of any draft. Fit a door draft protector whenever you find a problem.

A door draft protector will never wear out and is very cost-effective. It is made to be durable and the outside is composed of a strong polypropylene. The interior has been filled with ground corn cob, which is a very effective insulator. Should your protector get wet, simply set it out in the air to dry.

As you strive to reduce your monthly utility bill, make sure that you go around the house and comprehensively review all potential areas that could leak air. Treat all these areas with door draft protectors, and remember that you can normally get a good discount for buying them in bulk.

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