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A Treatment for Anxiety is Meditation

A Treatment for Anxiety is Meditation


A Treatment for Anxiety is Meditation

by Gordon Dalwood

Anxiety remains a serious condition that many millions of people must contend with. With such high scores of people, there will be varying degrees of severity with the anxiety they must contend with. For some, the anxiety levels are quite minor but troubling. For others, the anxiety levels they face are severe enough that they face the constant threat of panic attacks. Regardless of the levels of anxiety one faces, it is important to seek treatment for the condition.

The most common treatments for anxiety include prescription medication and therapy/counseling. However, there are those that profess a different, holistic approach to treating anxiety. This approach entails engaging in meditation therapy and it has been known to provide excellent results for even those that deal with incredibly high levels of anxiety.

The public may have a preset idea of this type of therapy. Meditation may sound a little off the wall and the value may be questioned. Truthfully, meditation can be quite a valuable process for those who want to reduce anxiety because it calms the mind. Ridding the mind of the excess 'noise' that keeps it an constant state of anxiety is achieved by this calming process.

Basic meditation can be performed seated, walking, or moving. Usually, when one meditates the main first step is to completely empty the mind of all thoughts. This is achieved by completely removing oneself from any clear imaging of events, thoughts, people, etc from the mind. One can simply meditate with a clear mind or one could meditate on something in particular. One common strategy would be to meditate on a Zen koan.

What is a Zen koan? Essentially speaking, it's simply a rhetorical riddle which has no real definitive answer. The purpose of this is to help one develop skills for critical analysis in order to gain an insight into your own personal nature. Far from being as complex as it sounds, only simply has to relax while allowing your mind to relax simultaneously.

Learning the basics of mediation is not all that tough. There are many free resources on the internet that detail the subject. Simply following their detailed tips can lead to at least a rudimentary understanding of what is needed to get the most out of a meditation session.

Naturally there are some people who will be leery of meditating alone. Many people would rather be with other people to experience this. A solution to this is to sign up for yoga classes. The process of combining meditation with yoga will help to calm the mind and relieve the feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, and pain.

Furthermore, even when you are not participating in a yoga session, you should still continue practicing it at home as this will help you to get accustomed to meditating on your own in order to deal with anxiety attacks.

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. This alone is proof of it's effectiveness for releaving anxiety. You have nothing to lose so give it a try.

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