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A Straightforward Guide To Choosing Garage Doors

A Straightforward Guide To Choosing Garage Doors


A Straightforward Guide To Choosing Garage Doors

by Silvie Carpenter

One of the most overlooked yet really rather important aspects of many homes are the garage doors. Just as a simple ratio of your home's visual footprint, the garage doors can account for some twenty percent of the overall frontage to a property. In simple terms, the value of your home can be influenced quite considerably by your garage doors.

So what should you look for when considering installing or replacing a garage door? First there is the material itself, which falls into three basic types.

These days the most common garage doors are made of metal, with about 80% of the US and Canada markets. Metal doors are invariably steel or aluminium, with the trade off that aluminium is lighter but steel is cheaper. In either case they benefit from a coat of suitable outdoor metal paint, but should otherwise require little in the way of maintenance. Note though that metal doors dent and buckle relatively easily, detracting from their appearance and impairing their operation.

Synthetic doors made from fiber-glass or vinyl offer the advantage of being both light and robust. They can also be painted (though are often already pre-treated to a particular color) and generally weather knocks and scrapes better than metal; they will last a decade or more depending on the amount of exposure to ultra-violet light from the sun which breaks the material down.

Garage doors made from wood trace their lineage back to the very first garages and exude an enduring classic quality. Wood is naturally versatile, attractive and simple to maintain; it can also be either stained or painted so as to coordinate with other wooden architectural features like windows and main doors.

As is generally the case with most wooden products, quality is dependent on the particular type of wood and whether it is in the form of solid timber or is a composite (constructed from compressed laminates and/or fibres). Accordingly, the price can also be wildly variable, but it's no secret that quality costs and for most people there is no doubt that wooden garage doors are a superior product.

The second point to consider is where to buy your preferred type of garage door. There is little doubt that having your doors installed by professionals should bring you many years of faultless operation, and you would therefore be wise to request references, evidence of existing installations and generally check potential suppliers have been in business a while, have a good reputation and can provide decent warranties and ongoing support should any problems arise.

You can buy garage doors from larger DIY stores or general door and window businesses or from garage door specialists. Like many big-ticket items though (kitchens for example) how well your doors will perform and last will ultimately depend as much on the competence of the installers as on the garage doors themselves. A garage door specialist with experience of many different installations will be able to ensure that everything looks and works right from the outset and continues that way for years to come.

About the Author:
Silvie Carpenter suggests that anyone interested in adding to the value of their property reads this interesting article on wooden garage doors.

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