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A Slice of the Senior Situation

A Slice of the Senior Situation


A Slice of the Senior Situation

by Ron Knowles

I was having coffee and donuts with neighbors this morning as we do every Friday when the fast-paced conversation suddenly jackknifed in the middle of the table just like a big rig would, causing a verbal pile up about the unemployment situation in Oregon. Presently we're at a little over twelve percent with rural counties running higher than that. Oregon! One of the first to get hit in the ass and the last to recover.

Our donut crew consists entirely of seniors who in case you didnt know it are also affected by the socialistic policies (thats my opinion) of this administration that are resulting in the meltdown of our U.S. economy. Who we voted for at this juncture really doesnt matter, even if we cant recognize what the real reasons are for the job losses and high prices or who is behind it all. What is important is were all Americans and we all feel the results.

Maria usually sits on my right. She's the matriarch of the donut crew. At 85 she has a very good federal retirement which allows her to have a landscaper do her yard, travel when she wants and basically enjoy a trouble-free life. The subject of the economy interests her a lot though, because her three boys with their families all live in California which is in real trouble right now.

On my left sat Pete, in his seventies who suffers from a type of palsy but has a great sense of humor and tries to live out his days not thinking too much about economics. His wife Doris however, is very concerned. They've already had to sell their home because they just couldn't afford to stay there any more and now they live in a much smaller apartment. I'm sure she wonders what will become of her when Pete dies.

Also across the table are Bob and Paula who are both in their sixties. Bob is a diabetic and just had part of his colon removed so he's lost some weight. It becomes him. The couple are both officially retired, however Bob must take care of the books for some local companies and prepare their quarterly and year-end taxes. It's just something he has to do for them to get by since they're not immune from the economic downturn.

Being a sixty-six year old guy it would be nice to retire. So many people just assume that I'm enjoying the fruits of my past labor and living the good life. Here's a wake-up call for all of those that think everyone my age is actually retired. Many, many of us can't afford retirement. In fact, I predict that it's going to get a lot worse for seniors in the future if the economy continues as it is.

Take me for example; I write articles. This is one of many that I have published all over the Internet. This is how I can still make a living. I can't survive on Social Security income and I don't have a pension. I'm not complaining but this is what I do and will continue to do until I can't anymore.

So, the donut crew will meet again next Friday, I suppose. We'll talk about whatever is of interest to us and life will go on. On anyway, until our measure of life is poured out. In the mean time we represent a microcosm of people up in years who are generally not talked about very much or considered to be significant despite the financial effects of a sabotaged economy.

I find it interesting how politicians become so concerned about seniors at election time. They'll promise everything they can for us when it's not theirs to promise. Their rhetoric is convincing, slick and attracts the votes of so many gullible, trusting seniors. But when they're voted into office they're not to be found and their promises fade to dust just as the politicians know that those seniors who elected them will soon do. But no matter, our politicians know there's a whole new crop of seniors that should be just about ready to be manipulated during the next election cycle.

About the Author:
Living in the Pacific Northwest, Ron Knowles provides insightful lessons on how to learn and earn at home from his website and even has an educational newsletter that helps people choose the best business choice for doing so. For those who need to make more money and stay at home, his system is insightful.

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