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A Short Summary About Sony Televisions And Their Functions

A Short Summary About Sony Televisions And Their Functions


A Short Summary About Sony Televisions And Their Functions

by Andrew Johnson

Sony televisions have always been at the forefront of the latest technology. The current range of Sony TVs start from 15" and increase to a huge 70". Within all of these TVs HD comes as standard and they all include a version of the Bravia engine, which at present is in its third generation. The engine manipulates the picture and improves the finer details of it such as color and edge detail.

The larger TVs contain a feature called Motionflow, this increases the refresh rate of the TV to 200Mhz. The effect of this is that action sequences appear smoother and more defined during viewing. At present this is the largest refresh rate on the market.

A novel function present within the larger TVs is called Bravia Presence sensor, this detects when you are in the room watching the TV. When you leave the TV will automatically switch itself off after a length of time and switch back on when you return, saving both energy and money.

The Bravia sync application allows for the connection of various other media devices to the TV and for the playback on the TV of this media. The user interface of this feature has been simplified for ease of use.

Digital and analogue tuners come as standard in all of the Bravia TVs meaning that if there is a TV broadcast signal then the TV will be able to detect it and display it. Some of the more expensive range TVs also come with integrated Freesat tuners as well.

The Sony TVs come with high quality speakers and in addition to these also include a piece of software called S-Front surround which mimics the effects of 5.1 surround sound technology through the two front speakers improving your home cinema experience.

As expected from a top rated manufacturer the TVs also come with excellent connectivity. At least one HDMI connection is provided on all TVs whilst up to four can be found on the larger and more expensive televisions. Analogue connections such as SCART and component are also present on the TVs.

Edge LED allows the TV to run more economically and also increases the lifespan of the TV. It works by placing LEDs around the edge of the LCD panel and then projecting the light onto the panel via an optical sheet.

Sony Televisions are considered to be one of the best products available in Home entertainment. This is reflected in the amount of functions and features that they offer but also within their price.

About the Author:
Andrew Johnson is an expert in computer consumables. If you would like more information about types of Sony televisions or are searching for a reputable television retailer please visit http://www.ebuyer.com

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