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A Sample Diet Plan on HCG

A Sample Diet Plan on HCG


A Sample Diet Plan on HCG

by Amelia Handley

Although what you eat is very particular while on the HCG diet, it doesn't mean you can't eat good. With the approved foods (Stevia, lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, approved seasonings) and some good resources providing recipes you won't even feel like you're limiting yourself to very healthy non-fat meals.

For example check out the sample diet plan below. It offers variety while fulfilling the HCG diet requirements. And maybe most importantly...it tastes good!

First Day:

For breakfast just stick to the tea of your choice. But feel free to experiment with various Stevia flavors to get it just the way you like it. At lunch time go ahead and have a bit of low fat cottage cheese and an appropriate amount of an approved fruit (we suggest strawberries). You should also have 2 Melba Toasts with the meal. You can either have your Melba Toasts plain or you can have them with sugarless salsa. The salsa will count as your vegetable. If you choose not to incorporate the salsa at lunch time you can save the vegetable to have a mid afternoon snack of salted English cucumbers. At dinner time have grilled chicken. Make sure your seasonings are carb free. With you chicken prepare some steamed cabbage. This time save your 2 Melba Toasts until the end and make them into a fabulous dessert by dropping a few drops of Vanilla Stevia on them and adding strawberries to the mix. Yum!

Day 2:

Have half a grapefruit for breakfast (you can always sweeten your grapefruit with Stevia; it has an added bonus of being an appetite suppressant). For lunch have grilled chicken mixed with grilled veggies. Crunch up your Melba Toasts and add them to the chicken/veggies. Place the mixture inside a fresh lettuce leaf and you've got yourself a fabulous HCG appropriate lettuce wrap. Have an apple mid afternoon. For dinner you get to have fish (we suggest grilled with lemon pepper seasonings), another half grapefruit and some asparagus. You can eat it steamed, but you might want to try roasting it in the oven. And as always...don't forget to grab two Melba Toasts as your starch.

Day 3:

Herbal tea combined with an apple makes a great breakfast. Right after breakfast you'll start preparing your dinner. Put a very lean roast in the crockpot so it has all day to cook slowly. With your roast you'll put onions and celery and your choice of appropriate seasonings (check your HCG Diet Direct Shopping Guide for specifics). Lunch will be fabulous and spicy chili. Pull the recipe from your HCG cookbook. It's a favorite. Add a little extra chili powder if you like it REALLY spicy. Eat it in combination with your Melba Toasts. It's a very filling meal. At dinner time your roast will be perfect. Enjoy it. After dinner have a warm cinnamon apple for dessert.

As you can see if you think ahead of time you won't struggle to incorporate all the foods at the necessary time and you won't feel that you aren't getting to eat. The simplicity of the diet plan is one of the things that makes it such a great success with many dieters so stick to simple while incorporating just enough variance to keep yourself satisfied. And don't forget to drink water constantly!

About the Author:
Amelia Handley majored in exercise science at university with a minor in Nutrition. Yet she still found herself veering from diet to diet in order to control her weight. With HCG Diet Direct she's found a program that allows her to combine her desire to control her own body weight with her education and not feel off balance.

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