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A Rose That Last Forever Can A Rose Look Beautiful Forever

A Rose That Last Forever Can A Rose Look Beautiful Forever


A Rose That Last Forever Can A Rose Look Beautiful Forever?

by Sam Thomas

Many of us like roses, but what if we are allergic to them, or if they are simply too expensive for our budgets? In fact, there's a way to have the beauty of roses in your house all the time, without the expense and upkeep. Called "replica roses," these silk roses are every bit as beautiful as fresh ones, except that they're even better. They last forever, they won't cause allergic reactions, they never need to be watered, and they won't die.

How can you use replica roses? Replica roses can be used anywhere you'd use fresh roses. Give them to loved ones for anniversary presents or birthdays, say, "I'm thinking of you," to friends or family with a single rose, or present a bouquet of silk roses to a sick friend in the hospital and cheer him or her up.

Replica roses have other benefits, too. Because hospitals are increasingly asking visitors not to bring in fresh flowers or live plants, fake roses can provide this type of gift to raise spirits without upsetting the hospital. And if you think this "no fresh flowers" rule is simply frivolous, think again. In fact, fresh flowers can bring in bacteria, too, which can be risky to patients in the hospital. Therefore, many hospitals have simply outlawed fresh or live flowers or plants. Silk or fake flowers can provide the same great things as fresh flowers can, without any of the drawbacks.

And even though fresh roses are beautiful, let's face it; they're expensive and they die pretty quickly. Of course, there are things you can do to make them last longer, and you can dry them, but silk roses stay beautiful over the long haul, and you only have to buy them once. Better yet, think about it. You or your loved one could buy yourself a new replica rose (or several of them) in a different color every single day or for every special occasion, until you have every color in the rainbow. You can't do that with fresh flowers, since they die very quickly and you have to throw them out.

Do you have pets that don't get along with plants? Finally, a lot of us know we'd love to keep fresh flowers in the house but we simply can't because our cats or dogs will eat them. Adorable and funny as we might think that is, it can be very disconcerting when we get a bouquet of fresh flowers only to risk losing them because they're going to be eaten, or having to put them aside where they aren't even going to be seen or enjoyed so as to keep them away from the "culprits." However, you don't have that problem with replica roses, since pets won't be attracted to and therefore won't eat them. You can keep them and enjoy them without fear of having them destroyed. Indeed, you can have them for years to come.

In short, silk roses are very cost effective -- and very romantic, beautiful, uplifting, for a many reasons -- even as they're a good alternative to fresh cut roses, if you're someone who likes to keep these types of flowers in your home. Consider them for your next purchase.

About the Author:
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