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A Rogue Pvp Guide How To Some Techniques And Strategies

A Rogue Pvp Guide How To Some Techniques And Strategies


A Rogue Pvp Guide How To Some Techniques And Strategies

by Andrew Boman

Engaging in WoW PvP combat with a Rogue is great fun when you have a Rogue PvP Guide to help you with the best ways to playing the rouge class. This is the perfect place to find out what unique skills can be gained and various ways to attack your enemies with great success. Most classes don't wish to engage a Rogue in combat, they would much rather kite one. Be wise about using your cooldowns in order to avoid kiting by the other classes. There are also many other techniques and strategies to use along the way.

Techniques for Returning to Stealth

1. Vanish Ability - use on a three minute cooldown

2. Blind - run out of combat

3. Sprint - also used to run out of combat

4. Crippling Poison - apply to target and run away

5. Sprint - also used to run out of combat

6. Gouge - use gouge then run till of combat

Techniques to go Against Melee

1. Stun the Opponent - this removes the oppositions ability to doge, parry, or block your attack; do this before they swing

2. Kidney Shot or Gouge - can help to avoid a large piece of Windfury Weapon

3. Dismantle - effective for rendering opponents unable to provide any significant damage output

Techniques Against Casters

1. Open with a Garrote - best used against pure casters, Elemental shamans, and paladins; this silences opponents for 3 seconds

There are three different strategies used by a Rogue; burst, control, and rush-down. The details for each style are listed below.

Burst - This technique provides lots of damage in a small amount of time. In order for multiple bursts of damage to take place, there will need to be re-stealthing and re-opening that needs to take place. You need to try to stay in stealth mode for however long, in order to make the burst technique truly effective. Due to the amount of dead time between bursts, it's not a good idea to use this technique against healing classes because it will heal between your bursts.

Control - Due to advancements in the game, maintaining control over an opponent is a great skill. If possible, avoid using DoTs. Adding in a Gouge between the Kidney Shot and Cheap Shot you administer to an opponent will not only gain you more points, but you will be able to regenerate energy. Kicks need to be administered to casters right as their stun is disappearing. The control skill is excellent when going against healing opponents. Control sometimes requires a bit of luck to run smooth.

Rush-Down Strategy - This very aggressive technique is capable of administering the highest damage against players that have lots of health. You need to be not only quick with this style, but also very constant. Fast consistent movements will make this technique extremely effective. An example of one effective move is if you Vanish and get in a Cheap Shot when you see that you are about to be attacked. One way to drop some opponents quickly is by burning cooldowns and using combo points for Rupture, or even for Slice and Dice.

The Rogue PvP Guide details listed above should help you be on your way to dominate PvP, either with your own Rogue or against opposing Rogues. Many of these techniques and strategies take more than one try to master, but once you do, there is no stopping you.

About the Author:
Obtaining a quality Rogue PvP guide is the best source for finding knowledge. You can find more guides for WoW, as well as the popular Rogue PvP guide, at WoWWotLKGuide.com.

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