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A Review of the EA Sports Active

A Review of the EA Sports Active


A Review of the EA Sports Active

by Carl Ferguson

EA Sports Active picks up on the Nintendo Wii fitness craze where Wii Fit left off. EA Sports Active is actually what many people thought they were signing up for when they picked up Wii Fit. It is a complete workout program that has many different exercises for you to choose from. While it's obviously not as intense as having a personal trainer or a workout at the gym everyday, it can offer you what no other game can.

In the gaming world, EA Sports Active is becoming a hit because it appeals to everyone. No matter what type of exercise you like, there is something included for you. From sports to strength training, to cardio, there are so many different exercises included that you can use. This is one thing that has made the Wii so popular anyway. No matter your age, you can play the game and get some great results.

This new product goes in a different direction from most of the gaming consoles out there. With other options you sit down, grab some food and a drink, and spend hours lazing around. When you use the Wii with these games, you'll be stand up and exercising to burn off calories. For those who aren't in shape, it will make you feel like you should have stayed in shape. Even the first workout will probably have you sweating and burning off calories.

The big draw of this game is the vast variety of exercises that you can utilize. The big problem with most workout programs in real life is that you get tired of them. Whenever you saw that workout machine on the infomercial, it looked great. You swore that you were going to be able to use it every day religiously for the next 10 years. Then after a month, you started making up excuses to get out of it. The same thing goes for the gym membership that you bought on January 2nd. You'll never run into that problem with EA Sports Active.

Once you get tired of an exercise, you can pick one of the many others available. If you want to work on the speed bag, you can do it. Then maybe you can go on to work on a jump serve playing volleyball. You can go and start jogging on track right away as well. Maybe you aren't into sports. There are strength training workouts you can use too. There are particular groups of exercises too, such as for your lower or upper body.

Another wonderful thing about EA Sports Active is the customizeable aspect of it. You can come up with a completely unique workout by choosing 9 different exercises to do. Every day, you turn on the game and it remembers what you've done including how many calories you've burned.

You are also able to do individual exercises if you want to. It is the 30 day workout that is programmed in that happens to be one the main benefits of this game. You can choose a workout that is difficult, easy, or medium, and then use it for 30 days.

The EA Sports Active game is definitely a wonderful way to get back in shape or to stay in shape. You get a variety of workouts, which is not found in other types of workout programs. So everyone will find that this is a wonderful tool to use for fitness.

About the Author:
Carl Ferguson is an expert in gaming consoles. He recently started providing cheap gaming consoles that carry reasonable price tags. Visit his site today to know more about the EA Sports Active.

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