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A Review Of The CarbonCopyPro Internet Marketing Model

A Review Of The CarbonCopyPro Internet Marketing Model


A Review Of The CarbonCopyPro Internet Marketing Model

by Neil Ashworth

When CCPro was launched a couple of years ago by two internet marketing veterans Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson, a lot was made about the business CCPro were setting out to dominate and the way the group were going about building carbon copy pro. This article will review the marketing model and the carboncopypro group to see what it's all about.

What is the carboncopypro history? What this system is all about is a marketing model which aims to remove much of the trial and error to allow online business owners to reduce their costs and overheads through the marketing model while they learn how to market online. Four areas were looked at in detail by the carboncopypro group.Profile.sales.Marketing.Cashflow. A review of the carboncopypro business has provided some interesting findings which I have outlined in this article.

Marketing with carbon copy pro is said to be the power behind the business but what is it all about?

CCPro members are offered a streamlined set of sales pages to help them get going online. This seems to be a strength of the business model and is supported by an automated lead building and customer management system to help with sales.

What seems to work well for the Carboncopypro marketing model is the funded funnel which the business has in place. This allows members to earn money from prospects who do not actually join the company is allows cashflow to remain in the CCPro business. A review of this one area would seem to show a key strength of carbon copy pro.

The traditional network marketing model allows business owners to get paid a residual income each month from people who join their business. The carboncopypro model is very different and takes the payments to the front end of the business model which seems to be a strong point for CCPro and it's members.

So What is the cost to get involved with carboncopypro?

When carbon copy pro began the investment level was a couple of thousand dollars. There are now FOUR entry levels which seems to provide a better entry for marketers looking to invest into this business. The optionto come in in at different levels is a personal one and if you are seriously looking at carbon copy pro as your future business review these areas before committing to your investment level.

There are lots of areas to look at closely when starting an online business and carbon copy pro is no different here. Look at your resources, money and time, and your knowledge of marketing and running a online business before taking the leap.

If you decide to get onboard with Jay Kubassek, the founder of CCPro he promises an extraordinary ride. 100 millionaires by 2012 is the claim he is making and with the system and support carbon copy pro seems to have in place this may just be possible. There is no guarantee of course and it will be more about everyone else than Kubassek but who knows.

About the Author:
Neil is a former Athlete and leading member of the CarbonCopyPro group and a master internetmarketer living and working from home in the mountains of West Cork, Ireland.

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