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A Quick And Easy Way To Optimize Your Website FOR FREE 216

A Quick And Easy Way To Optimize Your Website FOR FREE 216


A Quick And Easy Way To Optimize Your Website " FOR FREE! 216

by Spike Jope

What is the huge data source that we as professional REALTORS use every single day? The MLS, right? The MLS provides us with access to sellers that want to sell " inventory, sales prices, market times, tax records and so on.

So what is the super ninja tool we can use for real estate advertising and to research what buyers are doing and what buyers want? Previously, when the market was hot, attracting buyers was as easy as putting a sign in the yard or an ad in the paper. But what can we do to attract them to us in this environment?

You wont believe it, but there is a BILLION DOLLAR research tool that we can access for absolutely free. It has been available to us for the past eight years " but until the market turned, we havent needed to use it.

Do you know what it is? Youll be surprised when I tell you. Youve used it hundreds of times and didnt even know that you werent even scratching the surface of what it can do.

Its called Google.

And the specific tool that Google gives us is Adwords. Google Adwords allows us to research all the information about what buyers are looking for " and in our targeted market.

But wait " it gets even better! Its way easier to learn how to use than the MLS! When you go into the MLS, you enter in various search criteria. Well, you do the same thing in Adwords. You just type in the keywords you think your buyers might use to find you and Adwords will give you suggestions.

Lets take an example. Assume I sell vacation homes in Door County, Wisconsin (a big resort area for Chicagoans, in case you dont know). All I do is simply enter my key phrases Resort Homes and Door County. Google Adwords will tell me how many people are searching using those key phrases every month.

I just went to Google Adwords and entered exactly those key phrases " Resort Homes and Door County. This is what I found: Door County resorts: 2400 Door County WI: 22,200 Door County resort: 2900 Door County Wisconsin: 22,200 Door County rentals: 3600 Door Country lodging: 4,400

And when I scroll down to the bottom of the page, it suggests other ideas: Door County: 201,000 " now were talking some volume! Sister Bay: 33,100 " SURPRISE! Vacation homes: 301,000

(BTW " The numbers reflect the number of searches per month.)

And it will even give you a graph showing you the trend. As you would imagine, everything is trending downward in this market (though Door County weddings are trending upward! We must be heading into the June wedding season!) So, what now that you have this information, what do you do with it?

Well, you have several options: 1)You can advertise on Google itself using Pay Per Click advertising 2)You can optimize your website using exactly these keywords. (In our example above, you would type Door County Resort vs. Door County Resorts.)

Your third option is to follow our recommendation and get involved with social media. Be sure to include your key words in all of the information you post. That way YOUR hot prospects looking for YOUR services will be able to find you right away.

About the Author:
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