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A Positive Approach To Excessive Sweating

A Positive Approach To Excessive Sweating


A Positive Approach To Excessive Sweating

by Matthew Johnson

According to Karl Jung, "what you resist, persists". If you've heard of the Law of Attraction, you probably already know this statement and understand its significance. The Law states that what we think about, we bring about. Whatever we spend time focusing on, particularly with great feeling, we can bring into reality. The problem is, if you spend more time worrying over the things you don't want to happen, by the very nature of the Law, you are drawing these circumstances towards you.

So how does this apply to the problem of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis as its scientifically known? Well, if you suffer from this problem you probably dont need me to tell you that when you start to sweat, you get stressed...which can make you sweat even more.

If you start to sweat, you start to worry, and think about your sweating even more. The Law of Attraction says that if this is the case, you are literally asking for more sweat!

You might not even be sweating, but if you are planning your work day or a night out, it's probably on your mind. You might already be starting to worry about if your problem is going to show up - before it even has.

And this worrying is a pretty strong emotion to attach to your thought so the more you worry about it the more likely it is that your sweating is going to start.

It would probably take a while to explain the Law of Attraction in more detail, but if you can understand that worrying about a problem only makes that problem more likely, you can begin using the Law to stop your hyperhidrosis. If you think positive thoughts about your problem, the Law will work to make them a reality too.

You might want to be dry, sweat-free and confident all day, so you should really apply some thought to this. You could visualise being sat in your chair at work, leaning back and putting your arms behind your head, knowing your shirt or blouse isn't stained with sweat. Get a picture in your mind of being on a night out with friends where you can really enjoy yourself because your underarms are fresh and dry.

Affirmations are a big part of using the Law of Attraction for your benefit. You say, out loud or in your head, what you want to happen, but say it in the present tense like it is already happening, as if you are already receiving it. The Law states that this will then become your reality.

Positive affirmations should always be in the present tense. For example, you could try affirming every morning before you leave the house "I am confident and comfortable and my underarms are dry and fresh all day".

If this is the first time you are hearing about the Law of Attraction it might be a bit difficult to believe that these principles will have any affect, but if you have faith in what you are saying and try it repeatedly, you should see an improvement. Even if you are a little bit sceptical, what have you got to lose?

If you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction and how it might be able to help you, you could read a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. For a more practical approach to solving the problem of excessive sweating, visit my website.

About the Author:
Matthew Johnson promotes only natural and effective solutions for excessive sweating. For more information and a preview of how to cure hyperhidrosis naturally and permanently please visit http://www.StopSweatingStartLiving.co.uk

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