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A Party

A Party


A Party

by Scott Rodgers

A lunch party was organized in my home Many guests were being invited. It is really tough to manage a party. Each and all has to be good measured. My job was more difficult as I had made home made food.

I only get time to clean my house only on Sunday. I am a working woman. The house remains dirty for the six days The clothes were kept with being folded and kept in the proper place. On that day I woke up early, decorated my house with flowers so that it will look more beautiful.

It took time time for me to prepare the food as I had made according to my guests taste. I cooked early so that I will get time to relax and can greet my people with a smiling face. I always stood by this principle the time I entered kitchen.

I dressed well.. My guests arrived by one in the afternoon. I have kept my room as much clean as possible. They were surprised by looking it. For a working woman it is difficult to maintain. It was out of their mind to see such a beautiful room.

We gossiped a lot for about one hour. I served the food when all the guests arrived . They appreciated the food preparation. Few of the guests even asked the recipes so that they two would try and have a taste on their own.

I have a wash room in my flat. After the lunch all the guests went to the wash room to wash hands after the food one by one. After few had washed hands I noticed that the wash room was full of water and it was entering to the other room as well. I was really shocked to see the happening.

It was for the first time I have encountered such problem. It was really an embarrassing moment for me as others still did not wash their hands. But thankfully the plumbers in my flat were available. I called up immediately. Soon the plumbers came. They even could not understand what had happened.

They went to see if there is any problem in the main pipe which was connected to my drain pipe. To their surprised they found that a non water disposable material was inside the main pipe which was obstructing the water flow. They cleaned it. My guests washed their hands, and I was relaxed.

About the Author:
Scott Rodgers is a noted author who has been providing great guidance on plumbing works all across the country. His splendid knowledge has, in fact, sparked significant rise in revenue for talented plumbers across the country, from Kennesaw Plumbers to Marietta Plumbers.

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