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A Newer Look To The Gold Coast Airport

A Newer Look To The Gold Coast Airport


A Newer Look To The Gold Coast Airport

by Cordelia Kennedy

The Australian Gold Coast is one of the most phenomenal vacation destinations. Beautiful sandy beaches, incredible accommodations and some of the biggest amusement and entertainment attractions around, the Gold Coast is an exciting vacation destination. Whether you choose to stay at Main Beach , Broadbeach or right in the heart of Surfer's Paradise a holiday at this tropical location has a lot to offer.

Now traveling to Gold Coast is even easier, thanks to the expansion of the airport. The Gold Coast airport has been expanded to double it's size. The older Gold Coast airport handled an estimated five million passengers a year, and more than half a million of these travelers where from international destinations. With the new expansion the Gold Coast airport is now able to offer more flying options as well as lower fairs.

The new terminal will have some economically friendly airlines, and they feel that this will assist in stimulating the economy of the region. There are so many wonderful, and unbelievable, ticket deals that they hope the tourism rate will continue to increase at a rapid pace and help boost the Australian economy.

Among the new airline, in the expansion terminal, you will find two of the most budget friendly airliners. Tigr and AirAsia will be joining the Gold Coast in the attempt to fly international passengers in and out of the Gold Coast region. Not only is the Gold Coast one of the most rapid growing tourist regions in Australia, it is also the gateway for many other Australian destination. This new expansion will allow more flights to come in and out, both international and domestic.

If you have been wanted to travel to Australia but could not fit it into your budget, now you will have your chance. Prices for a flight have never been lower or simpler. Do a little research online and start planning your next trip to one of the most memorable vacation destinations that you have ever visited.

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