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A Memorable Successful Baby Shower Can Be Effortless

A Memorable Successful Baby Shower Can Be Effortless


A Memorable Successful Baby Shower Can Be Effortless

by Edie Mindell

Planning a baby shower can and should be one of the most exciting and enjoyable moments of a mommy-to-be's life. From personalizing the perfect invitations to choosing the right location for the shower, hosting a baby shower should be fun and entertaining. When planning a baby shower, it is important to keep in mind that the event should be both memorable and unforgettable for the expectant mother; she should enjoy every second of the planning process, as well as the event. Opening the newborn baby gifts is always the highlight of the shower and the other festivities are just as fun.

Organization and dedication are key in the preparation of a successful baby shower. It is key to follow a step-by-step process with a lot of time and patience, in order to have the best results for the joyous occasion. A baby shower planning book or even a simple notebook is a great tool to have throughout your journey of planning the ideal baby shower. By the end of the planning stage, you will have written numerous itineraries and lists that will arrange all your tasks into a simple, easy-to-follow process.

The first step when planning a baby shower is to create a guest list. The guest list will give you an overall idea of the size of the baby shower, an estimate for the number of party favors and amount of food, and a ballpark figure for your budget. Write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your guests, so that you can keep track of your RSVP's and have all the information for sending thank you cards after the baby shower. Make sure to have accurate and updated addresses and phone numbers for all your guests.

After the approximate number of guests is set, the next step is to determine the extent of your budget. The number of guests will be important in determining the location of the baby shower. A small number of guests does not demand a lot of space, and can be held at a restaurant, or even a home. A large number of guests can be held at a large restaurant or a ballroom. Be sure to visit several locations and keep your options open, before determining the perfect party place that will suit your needs!

The most fun part of planning the baby shower is to choose a fun and exciting theme that you and your guests will enjoy. Popular themes include "Noah's Ark," "Pink Tea," "Sweet Dreams," and the classic "Its-a-Boy" and "Its-a-Girl." After you pick the ultimate party theme, decide on your menu, decorations, and supplies. Menus can be appetizers or full meals. Restaurants will often offer specials for events like baby showers, and even may work around your theme to accommodate your party needs. Decorations should be fun, exciting, and colorful. The decorations will affect the overall mood and tone of your shower. Remember to be creative and to choose a theme that you absolutely love. The best themes are original and unique. Knowing in advance what gender the baby will be will allow folks to buy the appropriate gifts.

Now that all the basic elements have been arranged, find games and activities that your guests will enjoy. Pick a couple of classics, and come up with some on your own. Be original and innovative! Now, pick the date and time for your special day, and be sure to send out invitations about two months before the baby shower. Good luck!

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