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A Memorable Journey

A Memorable Journey


A Memorable Journey

by Scott Rodgers

I love to travel. So I decided to travel in a ship. I choose to as I have never experienced traveling in a ship. So I boarded the ship to enjoy the trip. I had already booked tickets earlier and had reached before time so that I wont miss my ship.

Traveling in ship has its own charm as traveling in train and in bus has. I boarded the ship and I was given my suite. It was a beautiful room. The room was well lighted. My room's window was directly facing the sea. I had never imagined such a beautiful scene in my lifetime.

The ship had carried few crew members with it. These includes cook, person for room service, waiter, electricians and many more. How can one forget about the captain and about the driver. The trip of mine was for five days which is of two days and three nights.

I got refreshed myself as I was fatigued. As I had boarded the ship in the night there was the provision of dinner on the same day. I left my room and headed towards the dinning hall. The dinning hall was a big large room.

It took only few minutes for the dinning hall to be full. In the dinning room everyone gathered around nine in the evening. I took a chair and made myself comfortable. A musical band was also hired to entertain us on the stage which was there in the dinning hall. Everyone was being served with dinner.

The boys had just started to perform and while we are enjoying the food suddenly the lights went off. There was dark all over and the ray of moonlight in the room was like a ray of trust. Everyone got afraid and prayed for no risk of injury to their lives.

The ship had electricians as a part of crew members. They came running towards the dinning hall. A couple of electricians verified all the connections and moved towards the main room. They checked the connections in the main room, and found that there is a loose connection in the circuit.

The electricians soon tightened the loosely fitted circuit which was connected to the dinning hall. The room was shinning again and the chandelier was glowing like a group of stars gathered together. I completed my dinner that was served beautifully. I enveloped my sweet memories to remain with me till my end and headed for my room. The trip was unforgettable. The next morning I reached my spot.

About the Author:
Scott Rodgers is a highly knowledgeable author on electrician works. His great exposure on lighting works has helped a lot many Los Altos Electricians and Los Gatos Electricians to get a strong grip on their business.

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