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A Look Back at When Pay Per Click Started

A Look Back at When Pay Per Click Started


A Look Back at When Pay Per Click Started

by Sean Galusha

Many online businesses and website owners have commonly used pay per click marketing in getting traffic to websites and eventually increasing profit. One of the reasons for this is that, pay per click is effective and cheap.

But when did pay per click started? And what does it mean to engage in pay per click marketing?

A man named Jeff Brewer introduced the concept of pay per click advertising in 1998. He was the one who founded Goto.com that started to implement the pay per click concept, but it was not yet known as pay per click marketing then. Years later, it was renamed Overture and in 2003, Overture was acquired by Yahoo! to make it their advertising tool which is known today as Yahoo! search marketing.

When the idea of the pay per click system came out in 1998, it took Google two years to adopt the concept into their programs, and finally in 2000, Google Adwords came to life. It was Googles' marketing tool that uses the idea of pay per click. However, it used impressions at first. The full adoption of the pay per click idea only occurred in 2002.

So what does pay per click mean?

Pay per click is a tool that is used to advertise products, services as well as websites on the internet. If you are a business owner, pay per click allows you to promote your product and your business site through various ad spots in the search engine and in the many websites in the internet.

However, because there are millions of websites online and by just placing an ad on a certain website is not quite reliable in giving the business a significant impact with regard to advertising, pay per click marketing was conceptualized. Pay per click allowed ads in websites but also incorporates a technique that businesses can only pay for advertising if users are interested and clicked on the advertisements.

Unlike the usual forms of advertising where you pay for the size of the ad or the duration of your TV commercial, regardless if anyone is interested or anyone has heard your ad on the radio, pay per click does not require cost by just placing your ad on websites and search engines. Your cost will be proportional only to the number of individuals interested in your business, as you will have to pay only if your ad is clicked.

About the Author:
Author Sean Galusha is the founder and CEO of Localize Internet Marketing, a Local Internet Marketing. He and his team of experts focus on delivering targeted local results to their customers by utilizing Internet marketing techniques such as Local Internet Marketing Services.

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