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A Look at Senior Golf Tournament Winners

A Look at Senior Golf Tournament Winners


A look at senior golf tournament winners

by Denise I Smithson

Senior golf tournament winners have been recognized since the 1980s. They play in many different events and include many top players that you might recognize the names. Seniors have the opportunity to play in tournaments around the world and win just like the well known athletes do today.

The PGA and other organizations regularly hold tournaments that are geared toward senior golfers. Through their combined efforts senior golfers enjoy their deserved recognition for their contribution to the sport of golf. The first tournament was set up by PGA back in 1980 and today it is the most popular one. Another plus is tat it is based here, in the United States. The senior tour is comprised of five major championships. There are three rounds in each of the events. When it comes to the senior golf tour, any winner must be fifty years old or older.

The tournament did not start with five events as, over the past twenty years, they were added to it. As mentioned above PGA started the senior golf tournaments in 1980 and The United States Senior Open was also involved. The Senior Players Championship became part of the Tour in 1983. It was followed by the Tradition six years later, and in 1993, the Champions Tournament also took on the Senior British Open Championship.

Golfing events specifically for seniors were already being held back in the 1930s but because of the success of the four tournaments mentioned above, the PGA Seniors Championship is still though by many people to be the beginning of Senior Tours. But the PGA Senior Championship actually began when players such as Gary Player and Arnold Palmer turned the proper age in order for them to participate. It was when they joined the PGA Seniors Championship that it became a tournament in its own right, especially since their presence on the Tour also attracted other senior golfers to join.

The senior golf tournament winners have varied over the years from American and other differing countries. Jack Nicklaus holds the most titles for senior major wins with a total of 8. In addition, he also holds the regular major win title with a total of 18 wins in his early years of golf. Names you will see today as the most popular winners for the events include Jay Haas with the title for at the Senior PGA Championship, Bruce Vaughan for the Senior British Open, Eduardo Romero for the U.S. Senior Open, The Tradition is led by Fred Funk, and D. A. Weibring holds the title for the latest Senior Players Championship.

Ever since the well known golfers ie, Gary Player and Arnold Palmer, started playing in the seniors league, other seniors have been able to join as well. Just because a golfer gets older he or she can still participate and the events described above give them the ideal opportunity to do so. These senior golfing events are part of famous tournaments, such as the PGA Championship, the US Open, etc, and they allow great golfers to continue to compete for the trophy and for the title.

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