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A Knight to Succeed

A Knight to Succeed


A Knight to Succeed

by Ron Knowles

There once lived a handsome knight and a beautiful princess in separate realms in the magic land of cyberspace. Desperate to find friends they were alike and equally ignorant on how to accomplish this task. The princess was known as Affiliatey Attempti and the knight was Sir Francis Networker. Although proficient in the use of magic crystal balls neither was able to attract new friends or a possible mate.

Sir Networker in his desperation went so far as to have his MacCrystal Ball's operating system checked out and Princess Affiliatey ordered the resident warlock in her kingdom to overhaul her P-See Forever crystal ball. But still the two could not attract new friends or suitable mates.

Sympathetic to his daughter's plight, the king encouraged Princess Affiliatey to cast a royal website to see if that would solve her problem. Agreeable to his suggestion, she went about constructing and then uploading a royal website that other princesses could envy. Filled with wonderful products and services, she just knew it would attract new friends and perhaps even a qualified suitor. Alas, it did not! Few visitors came to the beautiful website and so the princess gave up all hope of making new friends or getting married. She set up housekeeping in one of the castle's four towers and only used her P-See Forever crystal ball to check the weather or find a new recipe. Her disappointing tale was widely known but nobody came forward to solve her problem.

Having heard about the princess's failure and recognizing its similarity to his own disappointments Sir Networker decided to take another course of action. He vowed to educate himself. His campaign quest would take him into a realm of psychological adventure. Bent on becoming a sorcerer (one who lives by the source of infinite knowledge) he turned away from his former task of chasing after people. He now knew that there was much more than just having a good-running MacCrystal Ball and finding a wife. Learning new techniques and changing his habits he would become a leader of people. He would transform himself, somehow into a human magnet.

Traveling here and there across the land Sir Networker soon learned to reject or to absorb the lessons of life he encountered. One night he decided to camp in a beautiful but secluded glen. The next morning in the slowly-swirling mist he perceived through his half closed eyes a beautiful fairy standing over him smiling. Multi-colored light emanated from her, caught on sparkling objects that slowly rotated around her. "I know that you're awake," she said. "Just as I knew you would come to see me. You have traveled far and wide for knowledge but your search ends here with me. If you stay with me awhile I will give you the gift of human magnetism. Wherever you go or whatever you do, you will know how to draw people to you."

Opening his eyes completely, he sat up and asked, Will you teach me to attract unique people to me as well as a suitable wife?" "Of course," she smiled at him. "What about my campaigns? Will people follow me," he asked? "Will I be able to recruit followers easily?" Sitting before him she replied, "As a magnetic knight people from across the land will be drawn to you. Thousands will look to you as their leader. And as such, you must impart the knowledge I give to you to them so that they in turn will attract thousands of people to them, too."

Why do you treat me with such kindness, he asked? Because for far too long I have observed people like you struggling to win people over to them. In order for them to become successful in their personal lives and their business lives they must be equipped to do so. For that to happen they must become magnetically charged. You are the first of many to come. Receive my gift and pass the knowledge on to others.

And so it came to pass that after Sir Networker learned the lessons of magnetically attracting people to him, he returned to his homeland. Using his knowledge he drew many people to his causes and a beautiful wife, as well. Armed with this little-known knowledge he fashioned a website that attracted thousands of eager followers who eagerly signed up with his vision. He applied himself diligently, strengthening his acolytes with the gift of magnetism. As the years passed he became known as a great leader and the man who coined the phrase, "Gird thy loins with a magnetic codpiece and thou shalt become known as a man most popular.

About the Author:
This work of fiction by Ron Knowles is full of with reality and innuendo regarding the necessity to think outside the box using magnetic attraction. This could attract a downline to you as a leader or to your own big website. Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service

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