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A Kids Story Has Impact

A Kids Story Has Impact


A Kids Story Has Impact

by Lonnie Lorenz

Sara Button has recently written a story, Black Bear, Loon & Walleye: A Fable from the Northwoods. As Directors of Swift Nature Camp an Environmental Summer Camp in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, this story holds a special place in our hearts. It is such a good story we put a copy in our camp library for all our staff to share with their children.

Black Bear, Loon & Walleye tells the story of three friends--one furry, one feathered, one sporting fish scales--and each wishes for the gifts of another. Black Bear longs for shiny scales to look flashy and impress his friends; Loon wants to sport and enviable fur coat; and Walleye wants to fly. But when their wishes mysteriously come true, each realizes a disadvantage: Bear's scales can't keep him warm, Loon can't fly with fur weighing her down, and Walleye has bad eyesight and is no good at flying even with feathers.

Black Bear, Loon and Walleye take a wild adventure that teaches them lessons that are timeless universal truths. The friends learned a valuable lesson that day, to appreciate each others gifts, but most of all to value their own. Trying new things is important, because you might find something that you really enjoy. But if it doesn't work out, you still get to know yourself better. So each characters learned that they each have special gifts and that they need to always appreciate the other's gifts, while valuing their own.

This is a story for all generations and a reminder of the importance of trying new things, understanding our own true nature, and having faith that we are all perfectly designed to fulfill our own unique purposes in life. Know yourself well! Value your gifts!

Summer Camp is a wonderful opportunity to promote each child's personal development by providing fun, friendship and leadership in a supportive and noncompetitive environment away from home. Camp provides children an opportunity to act on their own, be self-reliant and try things for themselves, always knowing that if it doesn't work out they can start over with little consequences...kinda like the stars of our book.

At camp we read to all our campers each and every night, for the children they can hear the loons out side with their playful sounds. It truly makes the evening one to remember. If for you, getting to the Northwoods is not so easy for you, you can use the books enclosed CD that has loon sounds along with a guitar background and a reading of the story.

Thinking of a sending your child of to camp? Try Summer Camp Advice a Free reference for parents looking for the Best Children's Summer Camps.

About the Author:
Swift Nature Camp is a Wisconsin Summer Minnesota Camp for boys and girls ages 6-15. Our focus is to blend traditional Overnight Summer Camp activities with an appreciation for nature, animals and the environment.

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