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A Home Library Decor

A Home Library Decor


A Home Library Decor

by Catherine Hilson

Remodeling an older home is just as easy as remodeling a newer home. If your old home has a library room inside you may be one in a few people that own a mansion. If you need to redecorate your library here are a few tips to help you figure out the right way to go.

If your library room features a big window area inside try arranging tables and chairs so you can sit and read when the sun is coming in. This can be very inspiring. You will want your library to be comfortable so add some oversized stuffed chairs or a chaise lounge in the room. You will also need some little tables for tea or coffee while you are curled up to a good book. During the winter you will want to rearrange your library and have the small table and chairs centered near a fireplace.

In your library the bookshelves probably go from wall to wall. You can stack endless amounts of books in the shelves and still not fill them up. This look can be drab and boring so to spruce it up try sorting and placing the books on the shelves by subject. Then add a knick knack on the ends of the subject so you will know what that subject is about before you even get a book down.

For an example, if you have books on travel then you can add a small miniature sized globe at the end of the shelf. If you traveled to Italy and you have a copy of Gondola that would be an excellent way to end the subject on Italy. You can place animals at the subject of animals and so on.

You will also want to find an antique roll top desk to place in your library. This will give it an executive look and feel. You may need to get it restored if it hasn't been restored yet but it will be worth it.

No library would be complete without an area rug in the middle of the floor. An area rug is not only comforting but it can give your library a sense of color and style. Add a paisley area rug with tapestries to match. . You have so many options when it comes to making your library a quiet place to go and read or do work. You should be able to sit comfortably in your library for hours if you choose. You can take an adventure all around the world without leaving your chair. Everyone will find peace and relaxation when the go to your library.

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