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A-Ha's Latest Hit Release

A-Ha's Latest Hit Release


A Ha's Latest Hit Release

by Patrick Daniels

I am a huge A Ha fan, from way back, and was excited about their latest, and ninth album release. This album has the traditional sounds that fans love with a new spin to keep it current for new fans to enjoy. A Ha is a Norwegian band with an incredible sound, that gets better with each album they release.

The band members consist of Morten Harket, lead vocalist, Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, guitarist and Magne Furuholmen, keyboardist. They originally formed in 1982, when they took the music industry by storm after leaving Norway and making London their new home. Their name was originally suppose to be the title of one of their singles, however the group thought it was a unique and easy to remember name, therefore decided it was the best name for the band.

The title of their latest album is Foot of the Mountain, is a new release that has just hit the stores in much of the world, outside the US that is. Already the title track is getting notable attention in the UK and around the world. It is running up the charts, and perhaps that is because it has that synth pop sound that made the band famous in the first place. They are once again reverting back to those original sounds that gained them so much notoriety in the 80s. They haven't had a single to this well on the UK charts since, Take on Me in 1985, so this may just be their big re-entry onto the top 40 scene.

Too many bands make this mistake of trying to reinvent themselves, at a time when what they are doing is working, so it is nice to see a band like this that is willing to take a step back and provide today's music with a blast from the past. Realize the top 40 music is played to a different audience, who may just find the A-ha sound as enjoyable as those in the 80s did.

It would be a shame to miss out on this new album by the A-Ha's so if you can, go out and purchase your copy today. All the songs were either written by Paul or Magnets individuals or as a team effort. They combine the old A-Ha sound and a connection to to the sound of their homeland. The album as a whale is a wonderful collection of tracks and deserves all the worldwide attention that it has been receiving.

About the Author:
With the Aha Foot of the mountain CD, it is evident why the Norwegian Band has made such a wide impact back in the 80's. To purchase your copy of the new aha CD go to www.cdwow.com. They have a wide selection of CDs available so you may be able to find other albums that you are looking for as well.

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