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A Guide To Spray Tanning Options

A Guide To Spray Tanning Options


A Guide To Spray Tanning Options

by Steve Douglas

One of the most popular forms of sunless tanning is called spray tanning. The tans usually come out great and the entire process is safe when done properly.

The ingredient used in spray tanning is regarded by the Food and Drug Administration to be a safe chemical when correctly used on the skin.

Dihydroxyacetone or DHA for short is a chemical that darkens the skin's color. It actually browns the outermost skin cells, the ones that are about to slough from the body.

This process tans the skin cells that are naturally scheduled for sloughing but also means the tan will be temporary. This is because the tan fades as your skin cells shed from your body.

You can have spray tanning performed on your skin at a tanning salon and there are two options. The first option is by a professional tanner which is done by hand. The second is by an automated tanning booth. Home tanning systems are your third option.

There are huge differences between all three options. Professional tanning therapist give a more and even complete tan. This is because the work is done by hand. They spray your body closeup and notice uneven spots on your body.

They can also see closeup if one area of your skin is darker or lighter than another and evening out the areas and in the process. Professional tanning therapists also cost a lot especially when you add up the sessions.

The other option in a salon is to enter a spray tanning booth. The process is very simple as you simply enter, get sprayed and exit. The results will vary by what type of machine the salon has.

Home spray tanning systems come in all sizes and prices. Some of them are identical to the ones used in spray tanning salons. These are also the most expensive.

Spray tanning at home has it's pros and cons, the biggest pro of course is that you will end up saving a lot of money.

Simply add up how much it costs you to get a tan at a salon and how much you'll save by having it done at home. There are some negative points though and the biggest is handling the machines and trying to reach hard to reach areas of your body.

Experience will tell you which method is best for you. I don't think it is wise to invest in a spray tanning system before even knowing if spray tanning is something you'll enjoy.

Getting comfortable with all the options will undoubtedly help you decide which spray tanning option is best for you.

About the Author:
Steve helps people learn more about spray tanning and also writes about different spray tanning lotions.

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