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A Guide To Rates And Types Of Refrigerators

A Guide To Rates And Types Of Refrigerators


A Guide To Rates And Types Of Refrigerators

by Scott Rodgers

In side by side refrigerators, you can easily store things in refrigerator as well as freezer. They provide you a lot of space in freezer. You can get different features in this refrigerator with different sleek models.

A good sized side-by-side model with a capacity of about 24.5 cu. ft from a reputed manufacturer will fall in the $1900 - $2500 range. Whirlpool, GE, Frigidiare, Avanti and others all have excellent side-by-side models to choose from. All the models in this category are energy star compliant. If you need a real big model and your budget allows you to go up to $7000 you can get a 30.6 cu. ft model from a top manufacturer.

The freezer size in top freezer is smaller than side by side freezer. The refrigerator compartment is little difficult to use in this model due to its low level position. One good thing in this model is that they have good horizontal space.

You can get a 3.31 cu. ft. compact top freezer model in the $150-$225 range. Such models are made available by top manufacturers like GE, Avanti and others. On an average a 24.60 cu. ft top freezer model with an ice maker would fall in the price range of $1300 to $3000.

In general, bottom freezer models are quite famous as they are easy to use. The level of refrigerator in this model is perfect to be used and also the freezer size is bigger than top freezer model. Some good characteristics of this refrigerator includes: lift out basket, sliding shelves etc.

A bottom freezer having capacity of 5 cu. ft. is available in $500 or little much whereas one having capacity 24 cu. ft. is available in around $1200. LG, Kenmore, Maytag, Amana and GE are some manufacturers that usually offer you this model.

Built in refrigerators are generally wider than usual models. These models are generally available as semi finished pieces which are finished as per customer specifications. Compact Models value for money, perform all the basic functions of a refrigerator and come with an economic price tag. These refrigerators are easy to transport. Special compact refrigerators are designed to fit under kitchen sinks.

A compact refrigerator having capacity of 4.4 cu. ft. is available in $80 to $100 whereas a much smaller refrigerator having capacity of 1.7 cu. ft. is also available in a similar range of price. GE, Whirlpool, Haier, Danby and Koolatron are some of the popular manufacturers of this model.

About the Author:
Scott Rodgers is an author with ample experience in electricians work all over the country. His exemplary guidance has generated business opportunities for a lot many Simpsonville Electricians and Delray Beach Electricians .

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