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A Guide To IP Address Information And Keeping It Hidden

A Guide To IP Address Information And Keeping It Hidden


A Guide To IP Address Information And Keeping It Hidden

by Chris Channing

Websites can easily pinpoint your location on a map through an address you are broadcasting, even as you read this article. This is done through IP address location techniques, and should be considered a security threat. Knowing what IP addresses are and how they function will make you more aware of your options.

To start off, checking your IP address can be done via several means. First you can make use of websites that ping your computer. Another option is to use your command line prompt in Windows to get details on the network you are on. Most find it easier to simply use a program or go online to check the IP address, as it takes literally seconds to do.

The type of IP address you have determines how quickly it will change by itself. A static IP address is one that never changes, unless a specific request is made to your Internet service provider. In that case, your request may not even be approved, even if the nature of your request is not shady. Dynamic addresses instead change each time you disconnect from the network.

Through what is called a proxy, you can hide the details of your IP address and make it appear as if your true location is somewhere else. This is used among users who don't want their location revealed at will to websites they visit. It can also be used to bypass some network restrictions, although you run the risk in getting caught and getting penalized if you do so.

A natural built in method of hiding IP addresses is achieved through network address translation. NAT will hide your specific IP address, and instead show a network address to others who request it. Network addresses are useful in the fact that they will make attack from an outside source harder. While it won't prevent all attacks, it will certainly keep the lesser skilled hackers out of your system. NAT is fairly standard on networks today using modern routers.

IP addresses are easy to change and edit, or even mask, but MAC addresses are a different story. A MAC address is based on the hardware level, so you would need new hardware to change it or do some creative engineering. Don't give out your MAC address, since it is the number that points directly to your device and none other in the world. Hiding such information is easy with modern security software.

In Conclusion

You won't have to read up on advanced computer topics to keep private on the Internet. Just know the basics of Internet protocol addresses and how they function. Knowing how to mask them will be a skill that is rewarded via satisfaction in know your privacy isn't up in arms.

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