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A Guide To Getting the Right Genealogy Supplies

A Guide To Getting the Right Genealogy Supplies


A Guide To Getting the Right Genealogy Supplies

by Michael Beardon

Other projects might be passing fancies, but completing your family tree project will be a legacy that your family will thank you for forever. Here, you will be dealing with particulars related to your family and the people that are part of it. You will need supplies in order to ensure that the knowledge and data your collect during your research is preserved well.

Here is a simple list of the things you should have:

1. A Good Notebook

Think of yourself as a journalist or a detective trying to uncover a mystery that has been going on for decades. Journalists and detectives always write everything down. You should too. Don't be ashamed to jot down the answers of your relatives when you talk to them about your lineage, or ask them about your ancestors. A big notebook with tabs or dividers will be a helpful in organizing your notes.

2. Expanding Folders and Envelopes

Your relatives will entrust you with records and photographs that will help you with your research. You want to return them in the same condition that you received them. An expanding envelope will help ensure that the records and photos are still in excellent condition when you return them.

Dividers allow you to organize these records by generation, family branch or whatever categories you can think of and prefer to use.

3. Scratch Sheets

Since most of the items you will be collecting will not be yours, you have to find a way to label them conveniently without ruining their original state. A good way to do this is by always having scrap paper and paper clips in hand, so that you can easily jot down the information about the document and attach it right away.

4. A Scanner

This eliminates the need to attach original copies of the records, photos and documents relating to your family onto your scrapbook or album. Also, you can save these items in your PC and print them out anytime.

5. Genealogy Websites

Although it is not the most obvious supply, you will find it indispensable once you have started using them. These websites offer so much information regarding different families and individuals that the price they charge for membership or access to their sites becomes irrelevant.

6. Computer Programs

There are now computer programs that make family tree projects a lot easier and less daunting tasks to complete. These programs are capable of categorizing the photos and records you have collected, but you have to scan them first of course.

7. Family Tree Templates

These templates are the solution to the confusing question of which information is relevant to your family tree. They will serve as a guide to follow in case you are lost.

These necessities are a small price to pay for the success of your project. Knowing your family history is half the battle, getting the right supplies is the other half.

About the Author:
Michael Beardon is a guru on Genealogy. If you want to learn more about Genealogy you should check out his great information on genealogy supplies at http://familytreeguidebook.com.

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