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A Good And Trusted Friend For An Adolescent With Bipolar Symptoms

A Good And Trusted Friend For An Adolescent With Bipolar Symptoms


A Good And Trusted Friend For An Adolescent With Bipolar Symptoms

by Ken P Doyle

In a lot of cultures, there is the nasty stigma that is stuck to the phrase "mental illness, bipolar victim or I'm a psycho." When people hear you have a "mental illness" or tell them you are a bipolar!" the reaction can be shown in their eyes and then their body language which will be slightly tense and tend to back away. There have been cases with people whom you consider to be friends let you know that they cannot handle a person with the illness and leave. But, there are those who will stick by your side through the nightmares and the tantrums which can come in anytime. These are true friends who will stay in there to help in those difficult of times.

Living the Symptoms

Bipolar children tell us the wave of emotions they have been experiencing in the last several years or months. They have great friends, a wonderful family, a place to call their own, have their wonderful rooms, pets and a wonderful boyfriend who loves them yet; they find little joy in all of these. At times they will find themselves not really wanting to deal with anything because it takes too much energy. Even the smiles, the eating, picking up the phone is taking too much out of them. When this happens, it is a sure sign they are slowly sliding downward toward the murky and dark depths of depression.

Other Signs to Look out for

Because there are hardly any good friends to talk to or even lend a listening ear, many bipolar children prefer to keep to themselves in their home or in a classroom environment. Most of the time they would prefer to go into their own little world and forget everyone and everything around them. In school they would not play, eat and interact with the other children. Paying attention to what the teacher is saying and trying to learn in the classroom can be very difficult because their brain is not in focus. Its like trying to fly a kite eastward but the kite is going westward because the wind is taking it that way. It is beyond their power to control the situation.

The Test of Friendship

None of your friends knows what its like to be a young adolescent with bipolar symptoms until they have experience it. The hospitalization, suicidal contemplation, loss of energy, staying in the room for days only leaving to use the toilet or to go to school is not a nice thing for both the sufferer and the people who are there to help. A good friend will not only know that these are happening, but will seek help either in a mental hospital or be referred for diagnoses. If you have a person who will stick by you, stick to them because you will always have somebody to turn to.

A Really True Friend

A person who stays by your side through thick and thin even when your family cannot handle you is a good friend indeed who will eventually save your

About the Author:
Ken P Doyle is a campaigner for bipolar disorder and has a lot of information on mental illness. As a campaigner he would like to share some FREE information and findings on adolescent bipolar and bipolar symptoms.

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