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A Few Pointers When Fishing For Pike

A Few Pointers When Fishing For Pike


A Few Pointers When Fishing For Pike

by Jonny Edvardsen

A pike is a fish that is usually very easy to catch. There are however a few things you need to know. To illustrate these points we will use an example.

If you have ever watched an animal program about wolves and lions, you should have noticed a key difference between these two predators. Even if they have the same object, the reach it in two very different ways.

These differences can also be found among fish. The salmon hunts in a similar way as the wolf. It chases its pray until it reaches it, and then eats it. Usually it tries to swim at a moderate speed to save energy and wear out what it is chasing.

The pike on the other hand can be better compared to a lion. The lion lies in the grass hiding and waiting for its prey to come by. It then uses its fantastic pace over short distances to get the animal. The pike is in a way working in the same manner. It lies on the bottom waiting for fish to swim by.

Does this information do us any good when we are fishing? Of course it does. It tells us where we should look for the pike. And that can be the difference between catching one and going home with an empty bag. And now we know that the pike likes places it can hide.

The second thing we learn is that the pike likes to be close to the bottom of the lake. This is because this is where the best hiding places usually are.

So what should we use to catch a pike? the first thing that comes to mind is a sinking wobbler. A wobbler is a lure that is very similar to a real fish. Not only that. It is very much like an injured real fish. Therefore it looks like an easy target for the pike. Another popular bait is the live baits. These have often showed a very impressive catch.

About the Author:
The author is a dedicated fresh water fisherman who tries to help other fisherman through articles. You can find the authors blog here: (in Norwegian) Fisketips. His latest post is about gjedde fiske.

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