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A Contemporary Look For Your Bedroom

A Contemporary Look For Your Bedroom


A Contemporary Look For Your Bedroom

by Emely Gardner

The very fact that you are interested in redecorating your bedroom the contemporary way is that you have either seen it in a book and liked it or may be on the net or in an outlet. The first thing, before redecorating and buying any furniture, is to understand the contemporary theme.

Colors and lines seem to be the main issue when you are considering contemporary style. These colors include beige, black and white, dark brown furniture and more. You will want to look for straight simple lines that are not bold. Shapes should be simple too. The main result in the contemporary look is clean and simple. Open spaces and of course uncluttered walls are the way to go.

Clutter is not part of this theme so organizing personal items and discarding the unwanted would help. Painting the walls would be the next thing on the agenda. White, off white, beige, pale leaf green form the ideal colors for this theme. These neutral colors make the attractive accessories placed in the room stand out. Windows are usually open without curtains but if the need arises, due to heavy sunlight or when privacy is required in the room, straight, long contrasting colored curtain would complement this style. The curtain rods, too, are simple that just blend with the wall.

Beds are usually low, spacious with self-color bed covers, tucked in neatly to show the edges. Frills are not part of this theme. A neat area rug at the foot of the bed in self-colors or geometric patterns should be placed to match the surrounding colors.

All furniture should be dark in color and not over designed. You will need a small closet for your clothing and a chest of drawer. The furniture should be simple as well. No lines or curves allowed in this design. Handles and knobs should be plain.

A stylish, well-designed mirror and dressing table would add glamour to the room, again in the same color tone and adding to the geometry in the room. All furniture made with this style in mind is simple with straight lines with no complicated curves or elaborate designs. Even the handles or knobs on drawers are plain without any embossing or design.

Potted plants add life to the room; tall palms look elegant when placed in the corner of the room. Artificial plants with different color leaves brighten up the room and are also easily maintainable. Placing them on side tables adds a little color to the simple look. Abstract paintings in neat, black frames stand out on the wall. Too many would cluster the walls and contradict the style, so it should be kept to a bare minimum. A transparent jar with color stones would add glamour to the modern style, even a bowl of potpourri; a mix of your choice would enhance the fragrance in the area. At the end of the day, you would be very happy with your room, the one place you would always come back to after a hard day, to just relax.

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