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A Complete Guide To Lucid Dreams

A Complete Guide To Lucid Dreams


A Complete Guide To Lucid Dreams

by Gary Scraysbrook

Did you know that there exist some kinds of dreams which you can actually control while being aware that you are dreaming? These dreams are known as lucid dreams. In such dreams you are dreaming but you can direct your dreams like a movie. You can decide the actors, the setting and even the story! You can even decide the dialogues!

Your dreams can be a fantasy, adventure or mystery. Anything you want. There are no limits to what you can experience!

The advantage of lucid dreams over normal dreams is obvious; you control them! They can be so vividly real that you may even have to do checks to be sure that you are really dreaming and not awake.

One way to make sure that you are dreaming is to attempt reading a book or paper. If you are dreaming your words are sure to change and make reading impossible. If you can't read then it's a lucid dream.

You may be having a fantasy about someone you want to be with. This may be impossible in real life, but of course anything is possible when you are lucid dreaming.

In lucid dreams you can decide the kind of events that can happen. Let's say you are dreaming that you are with a person you desire to be with. In your dream that person can smile at you and even touch you. In fact in your dream, that person can do anything you want him to do!

Lucid dreams are very much possible. Though the body needs to revive itself for the next day by sleeping and resting, it is possible for your mind to be partly conscious.

It can take awhile to learn the techniques of lucid dreaming if you have never done it, but it can be learned over a period of time with practice.

Trying to remember your dreams and what they were about, who was in them and the outcome is a good way to start. Dream interpreters say to keep a pad and pen by handy so that you waste no time jotting down your images as soon as you remember them or awaken. It is possible the dream will repeat its self and you can finish writing it down. If you document your lucid dreams as you go, you may start to see a pattern develop over a period of time.

Writers will often use this technique to line up their next novel, using some of the scenes and characters from the lucid dream as the basis for the storyline. Lucid dreaming is a good outlet to channel your ambitions to come up with an action plan to make them a reality.

You need to make it habit to recall each and every detail about your dream. Once you do that, try sleeping again and if possible try to start the dream where you left and continue your dream from there. The dreams will repeat themselves so you can delve into more details every time that happens.

If you wake a couple hours before your normal time, this is often when lucid dreaming happens, much like day dreaming where it seems you are awake the whole time, but you have actually been asleep.

With practice it will become easier each passing day. Self hypnosis is also a great way to enhance your lucid dreaming experience.

You can sometimes put your mind into the mode of lucid dreaming using other techniques, such as binaural beats, which are a recent development in sound technology. By using sound waves to put parts of the brain responsible for lucid dreaming to work to instantly put you into the lucid dream condition and help you recall lucid dreams.

About the Author:
Gary Scraysbrook is one of the writers for the http://www.luciddreaminginfo.com website. You can enjoy the incredible experience of lucid dreams and you can try it yourself when you get twenty nine Free lucid dreaming Audios when you visit here.

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