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A Collection Of Superlative Cinematic film Reviews

A Collection Of Superlative Cinematic film Reviews


A Collection Of Superlative Cinematic film Reviews

by Stanley Moreno

Take a look at some movie reviews we have prepared. You can use a search engine to find movie download sites. To get some good sites try to search phrases like "New Movie Download", "How Do I Download Movies", or "Fast Movies Download".

Borderline: Bronson, minus Jill Ireland this time, is a border patrol officer looking for a murderer. Cast includes Charles Bronson, Bruno Kirby, Bert Remsen, Michael Lerner, Kenneth McMillan, Ed Harris, and Wilford Brimley. (105 minutes, 1980)

Cry Freedom: An empathetic film in dealing with the life of South African activist Steve Biko (well played by Washington) and his kinship with crusading newspaper editor Donald Woods (Kline). Regrettably second half of film, minus the Biko personality, loses itself as it invests too much time on Kline and his families flee from South Africa. Cast includes Kevin Kline, Penelope Wilton, Denzel Washington, Kevin McNally, John Defrost, Timothy West, Juanita Waterman, John Hargreaves, Alec McCowen, Zakes Mokae, and Ian Richardson. (157 minutes, 1987)

Lantana: Moving, adult tale of relations obstructed by monotony, routine, and absence of articulation. LaPaglia plays a cop, whose matrimony has stagnated, leading him to have an affair. In the mean time, he examines the disappearance of a lady whose own matrimony is in danger. The film is beautifully nuanced at every turn. Cast includes Anthony LaLaglia, Geoffrey Hurry, Barbara Hershey, Kerry Armstrong, Rachael Blake, Vince Colosimo, Daniela Farinacci, and Peter Phelps. (121 minutes, 2001)

The Little Thief: So-so personality picture of the title lass, a disassociated, amoral adolescent floating through life in postwar France. If she comes off as a girl Antoine Doinel, it's since the original tale was cowritten by Francois Truffuut, who was allegedly preparing to film this at the time of his demise. Cast includes Charlotte Gainsbourg, Didier Bezace, Simon de la Brosse, Nathalie Cardone, and Raoul Billerey. (104 minutes, 1989)

La Nuit de Varennes: Clever historical legend has such renowned entities as Casanova and Thomas Paine cross roads at the time of the French Rebellion. Cast includes Marcello Mastroianni, Jean-Louis Barrault, Hanna Schygulla, Harvey Keitel, and Jean-Claude Brialy. (133 minutes, 1982)

The Sea Hawk: Top of the line amalgamation with Flynn at his streaking best in venture on the high oceans. The film has a vigorous balance of piracy, romance, and swordplay, handsomely shot, and orchestrated with exciting Erich Wolfgang Komgold score. Cast includes Errol Flynn, Brenda Marshall, Claude Pours, Donald Crisp, Flora Robson, Alan Hale, Henry Daniell, Una O'Connor, Gilbert Roland, and Edgar Buchanan. (127 minutes, 1940)

Sawdust and Tinsel: Kindles soar in this gorgeous, metaphorical film set in a small-time carnival and concentrating on the relation between carnival owner Gronberg and his oversexed mistress (Andersson). Cast includes Harriet Andersson, Ake Gronberg, Anders Ek, Gudrun Brost, Hasse Ekman, and Annika Tretow. (92 minutes, 1953)

The Guru: Harmless comedy in reference to an Indian dance professor (Mistry) who comes to America desiring popularity and fortune in the movie industry. As an alternative, he lands a job in a porno film, is befriended by its gorgeous megastar (who's truly an "excellent gal" leading a triple life), then accidentally becomes a star as the "expert of sex." Some ludicrous gags, a likable leading guy, and excellent joke performances by Graham and Tomei improve this choppy feel-good flick. Cast includes Cast includes Heather Graham, Marisa Tomei, Jimi Mistry, Michael McKean, Christine Baranski, Rob Morrow, Emil Marwa, Malachy McCourt, Ajay Naidu, and Anita Gillette. (91 minutes, 2003)

The Bullfighters: One of more superior Laural and Hardy later works, engaging false identity as Stan is a lookalike for renowned matador. Things really get funny when Stan is thrown in with the bull. Cast includes Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Margo Woode, Richard Aisle, and Carol Andrews. (61 minutes, 1945)

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