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A Bunch Of Complete Motion Picture Plot Lines

A Bunch Of Complete Motion Picture Plot Lines


A Bunch Of Complete Motion Picture Plot Lines

by Cecile Carney

The following paragraphs contain some nice movie reviews. If you are looking for a movie download site here are some phrases to search. To get some good sites try to search phrases like "Best Movie Downloads", "Unlimited Music Downloads", or "Download Movie Rental".

Blink: Did she or didn't she see a murderer leaving the scene of the crime? That's the main query while gorgeous and strong willed musician Stowe, who is blind. Tale depends on viewer's acceptance of screenwriter's gimmick of "retroactive vision," a post-surgery reaction. Best thing in film is Stowe; alternatively this strolls onto the too recognizable blind-female-in-danger region. Cast includes Madeleine Stowe, Aidan Quinn, Laurie Metcalf, James Remar, Peter Friedman, Bruce A. young, Matt Roth, and Paul Dillon. (105 minutes, 1994)

Lars and the Real Girl: Sugary film in regards to socially shocked Gosling, who buys a life sized doll and treats her as if she's alive, to the appall of his older sibling, and brother in law, and the neighbors in their tight knit society. Luckily, an understanding physician (Clarkson) guides them in the right direction. Cast includes Ryan Gosling, Emily Mortimer, Patricia Clarkson, Kelli Gamer, and Paul Schneider. (106 minutes, 2007)

Rude Boy: Enraged youthful insurgent Gange is employed by the rock group The Conflict as a roadie. The film is an abrasive, practical, documentary-like personality research with phenomenal footage. Rock fans will not be disappointed, others take heed. Cast includes David Mingay, The Conflict, Ray Gange, John Green, Barry Baker, Terry McQuade, and Caroline Coon. (133 minutes, 1980)

It Started With a Kiss: Airy comedy in reference to crazy Reynolds and her Army officer spouse Ford, trying to make a go of marriage. The film is set in Spain. Cast includes Glenn Ford, Debbie Reynolds, Eva Gabor, Fred Clark, Edgar Buchanan, and Harry Morgan. (104 minutes, 1959)

Dracula's Dog: Transylvanian vampire and bloodthirsty mutt, equipped with vampirish mannerisms by the original vampire, go to L.A to find Dracula's last living successor. Cast includes Jose Ferrer, Michael Pataki, Reggie Nalder, Jan Shutan, Libbie Pursue, and John Levin. (90 minutes, 1978)

Ruby's Fantasy: Smooth although typical drive-in fare in regards to a shell-stunned Vietnam vet who finds himself the object of an enormous manhunt in a small Alabama town. It is the same elementary tale as First Blood which came later. Cast includes Linda Blair, Ben Johnson, Matt Clark, and Richard Famsworth. (91 minutes, 1982)

The Dunwich Horror: Adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's tale in regards to wizard Stockwell's malevolent plans for lady friend Dee. The movie is often powerful, although the ending spoils the entire film. Cast includes Sandra Dee, Dean Stockwell, Ed Begley, Sam Jaffe, Lloyd Bochner, Joanna Moore, and Talia Coppola. (90 minutes, 1970)

Good Times: Back while the harmonizing twosome was still considered wacky, they made this entertaining little film, with Sonny day dreaming about their potential film roles and he and Cher harmonizing "I Got You Hottie." Cast includes Sonny and Cher, George Sanders, Norman Alden, and Larry Duran. (91 minutes, 1967)

The House of Yes: On a stormy day in 1983, a youthful gentleman brings his fiancee home to meet his broken Washington, D.C, family, containing his demented twin sis, Jackie-O, whose fantasies in Jacqueline Kennedy have lengthened to the point of reenacting the JFK assassination-with live bullets. Well made black comedy, based on the stage production by Wendy MacLeod. Cast includes Parker Posey, Josh Harnilton, Tori Spelling, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Genevieve Bujold, and Rachael Leigh Cook. (90 minutes, 1997)

These movies and thousands of others can be downloaded from the internet. Remember to use search terms like "Music Videos To Download" and "DVD Rental Services" when looking for movie sites. If neither of those work use "Unlimited DVD Rentals".

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