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A Brief Look At Americas Evolving Passion For Movies

A Brief Look At Americas Evolving Passion For Movies


A Brief Look At Americas Evolving Passion For Movies

by Beard Hudson

We are all fascinated with watching movies and seem to all share in a passion to get the latest new release or old vintage classic. It is a past time we all seem to revel in as one of the best forms of public and private entertainment.

How deep is this passion? Each year, we spend millions of dollars buying and renting movies, DVD's and entertaining films. However, having access to so many movies has not always been so easy.

A quick look at history will reveal a time when access to a movie was considered almost a luxury, especially during the Great Depression and in times when the nation was at war. There were only a few sources for movie entertainment during those times and people sought to movie watching experience with great interest.

It was in the 1920's when sound technology was introduced to movies for the first time. These movies were smashing hits during that time and people seemed to enjoy comedies and classics such as "Gone With The Wind" and movies starring Shirley Temple.

There were a many blockbuster hits released during those times. Gangster movies seemed to grow with popularity with the rise of the mob. Women seemed to love watching musicals, plays and intriguing romance stories featuring the best actors of that time.

Even though movies were the best form of entertainment during those times, it did cost money for a ticket and that was a scarcity, especially during the Great Depression. As an alternative to going to the local theater, people resorted to listening to their favorite radio stories such as and very often the entire family would huddle around the radio in dead silence as stories were told.

One of the most popular radio stories was "Little Orphan Annie" about a little girl who was a detective solving mysteries along with her little Children in particular loved this show because Annie often displayed a great sense of child-like imagination.

Another big hit during the 1920's was swing music performances put on by Big Bands. Since most of these performances were aired over the radio, it became a popular source of entertainment during the long evening hours.

This went over extremely well. People across the country loved it. It was a way for them to briefly escape the hardships they had to endure and enter a fantasy world where they could live out their fantasies through the roles of their favorite movie stars. It kept them entertained and took their minds of the difficulties of life.

Today, even though the country is going through an economic recession, at large we are not encountering the plight they had to endure. With a mouse click or a short drive to a DVD rental store, we have access to tens of thousands of movies and high quality DVD's such as western movies, science fiction, comedy or scary movies. It is amazing how far we have come.

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