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A Biker Called Lance Armstrong

A Biker Called Lance Armstrong


A Biker Called Lance Armstrong

by George Ross

Lance Armstrong's life story will have to be ranked among the most inspiring ones. he is a champion biker who has won the Tour de France more than anybody for a record breaking 7 consecutive years. Among his many achievements are being awarded ABC Wide Sports Athlete of the Year in 1999, Prince of Asturias Awards in Sports in 2000, Sports Illustrated magazine Sportsman of the year from 2002, and he even got ESPNs ESPY Award for Best Male Athlete from 2003 " 2006. The list is endless but what's even more awesome is that he has achieved all of these despite being afflicted with something others would have thought an irreversible tragedy.

In 1996, Lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer, a tumor that has metastasized to his brain and his lungs. Despite the originally poor diagnosis, with the help of his treatments that included brain and testicular surgery and chemotherapy, he rallied himself and bounced back. What happened after that was history.

A lot are filled with awe and inspiration with how Lance rose to the top after all he has been through. They followed the hero's exploits and took interest even in his personal affairs. His being linked to famous female celebrities only made him even more irresistible to the public eye.

He had such an adoring cult that when his bike was among those stolen from an Atana Team Truck, his fans were alerted when he posted the incident on his twitter. It took no more than four days before his bicycle was delivered to the Sacramento Police in California.

His post created such a hype that right after the post, a Facebook Group called 1 Million Citizens Looking for Lance Armstrongs Bike was also created.

The creation of the group made it clear that everybody now was on the lookout for their heros bicycle. It really made it hard for the suspects to move much less sell the bicycle. The man who delivered the bike to the police was not a suspect and no arrests have been made. It seemed that people were contented that the bicycle has been returned.

It is wonderful how a loss of a bike can launch a million interest. But if you are a Lance Armstrong, a million fans would probably be moving heaven on earth to make sure you get back a lost treasure. A Champion's Bike.

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