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A Bike Ride For Competition

A Bike Ride For Competition


A Bike Ride For Competition

by Alison Addy

The Great Bike Riding

The Limited Bike Rides of the Past

For many years ordinary runners were able to join many marathons all over the world and joined some of the largest events known. London, New York, Paris, Madrid and more will among the many cities where these marathons were held for anyone interested in running. Cyclists on the other hand were not eligible for just any bike ride. Some events like Audax or Randonee's had bicycle touring events but there were a lot of regulations regarding speed etc. that had to be followed or the rider would be disqualified. Things are turning around for the cyclists; however, as there are now more lenient bicycle events available such as Fondo's, Marcha's, Sportif's and many others in locations near where you live.

Although these are not actually "races" per se, the cyclists like to think of them as races. It was not as easy in the past to enter these types of competition and if you did, there was all sorts of red tape that had to be taken care of first. Some of this involved being part of a team, having a racing license, paying an entry fee and hoping to get it in time before the races were filled. Now, because of the popularity of cycling and marathons all over the world, it is much easier to get into the bike ride of your choice without all the additional red tape.

Who Participates in These Bike Rides

Although we think of professional races when we hear Marcha, Fondo or Sportif, they are not all professional races, even though professionals are participating. Today you'll see professionals as well as very competitive talented amateurs gearing up to ride in these great racing events. The unique thing about these riders is that most of these riders are competing against themselves, the elements; terrain, mountains and what have you. In the end, all that matters to them is how well they did in sticking with it to the end.

Some of the large cycling events get over 4,000 riders all ready to compete and hoping to get a lot more excitement and fun then they have in a typical road race. The Etape, which is run by the Tour de France, has over 8,000 competitors, all with the same hopes and goals. Wherever you would choose to go in the world you'd find some famous race sponsored by a well known organization. Tour de France also sponsors the Legend of the Tour rides, which is one of the most exciting racing events.

What About Cost And Prizes

The cost of these races isn't as high as you might think. The European races cost around 25 Euros, which is approximately $38 in US currency. However, you get some of this back in a bag of "goodies" you get when you register. This bag may include health snacks, bottles, clothing, drinks, etc.

Prizes, obviously are based on the amount obtained from the entry fee and goes to those that finish in the top. They do give different kinds of other prizes as well so it's important to bike ride as well as possible and not give up.

About the Author:
Alison Addy is a syndicated editor of online magazines.Find at http://www.bikecyclingreviews.com/Marchas_or_Fondos.html more articles on bike rides

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