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A Better Marine Experience with Accurate GPS

A Better Marine Experience with Accurate GPS


A Better Marine Experience with Accurate GPS

by Joseph Aaron

The majority of of the GPS devices found for sale today are for vehicles since the majority of consumers own at least one auto which is in most cases the household's daily method of getting around. The latest GPS devices have all the functions which allow drivers to get to the location of their choice faster and easier. A great model for you to consider is the Garmin Nuvi 1250 Portable GPS Navigator.

Just a few years back, GPS devices were employed only by real travelers who traveled many miles either on roads and trails or on the sea. Marine GPS technology has existed for a while to provide help to boaters and make the GPS functions applicable to them. GPS is very effective in directing seamen through unknown seas and can be a necessary piece of safety equipment during rough weather or simply in a situation when you find yourself lost in the midst of a voyage. The same makers who produced reliable devices for your car also have a series of marine GPS products.

Garmin Marine GPS Devices

Garmin Nuvi devices have established themselves as the ideal in the areas of accuracy and navigational features. This company's marine devices such as the GPSMAP 5015 and GPSMAP 5215 also offer sturdy construction and consistent performance. Both of those traits are very imperative when a boat is 50 miles from land and the crew can't stop and ask directions. A few of the remarkable applications include more powerful sensors, chartplotters for more accurate planning during a voyage, and a marine autopilot system for stress free navigation.

Garmin marine products are available in either handheld or standard versions with wide monitors that come with more sophisticated maps complete with backgrounds, lighthouse locations, obstructions, buoys, and more. A few kinds of units enable the user to save data on removable media for safe keeping or for storing on a home computer. All of the better models in this collection are waterproof, and their casings are specifically constructed to ensure that the device floats if mistakenly dropped in the water.

Magellan Maestro Devices

The good thing about some of the higher models of the Magellan Maestro is that the same device is able to be employed both on the road and out on the ocean. Boaters could simply affix their Maestros to their vessels or simply hold on to it as you would a normal handheld unit. The Maestros' exactness in the middle of the ocean is superior and the technology employed towards the navigation is fairly high-grade seeing as it contacts up to 12 distinct satellites to compute your correct location.

If you already understand the Maestro, you should have no complications in operating the user interface at sea. When in the market for one which will be made for maritime work, determine if the model comes with a waterproof rubber enclosure.

TomTom GPS Devices

TomTom GPS devices for the most part are primarily made for automobile navigation, but they can be actually used as marine GPS devices, as well. Some models including the TomTom 720 GPS can use marine charts and might additionally be used to plot courses. Places on the water haven't been mapped as they would be on land, but at least TomTom owners will know where they are and will not have to pay for a separate marine GPS device. A nice unit to purchase is the Garmin Nuvi 1250 Portable GPS Navigator.

The GPS appliance that you have right now can also be employed as a marine GPS. You should invest in a separate marine GPS device only if you frequently sail in the open sea because then you'll require better and more specific maps.

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