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A Beginners Ski Holiday

A Beginners Ski Holiday


A Beginners Ski Holiday

by Lawrence Gilbert

Choosing a Ski Resort

For the novice skier, it is advised to select a ski vacation in a location that is suitable to all levels of expertise: That way all members of your group, no matter their level, can make the most out of the vacation. Most destinations do offer various ski runs, ranging from wide, smooth beginner's runs, to expert courses, which can be to be complicated and a little dangerous.

Novice skiers should invest in ski lessons from ski tutors at the holiday resort. Ideally, the new skier should take lessons prior to the vacation to learn the basics. A beginner should hire their ski equipment because purchasing it before knowing what one requires from the equipment may be a costly mistake.

What to Take with you

Beginner skiers often underestimate how essential proper ski clothing is: An average jacket and mitts are not going to be appropriate. Gloves should be waterproof with a grip, jackets lightweight and wind-resistant and trousers ("salopettes") designed for the needs of skiers.

In addition, skiers should purchase thick socks, a warm hat and scarf, sunglasses (the glare off the snow can be strong) and sunblock (it is easy to get sun burnt). For the best comfort and safety, a new skier should wear thin layers that allow for movement, rather than one extremely thick layer. Many ski resorts stores accommodate ski-clothing rentals.

Essential Extras

A lift pass is essential to allow access to the slopes. They can be purchased as part of a vacation package or purchased in resort each day (though you may experience long queues at the best resorts). Prices are dependent on where you are, but many offers can be found by searching on the internet, asking the hotel concierge, purchasing in advance or purchasing for a group.

Always know what time the last lift leaves the slopes each day and organize a meeting point and time with your friends. It is also an excellent idea to carry a mobile phone with you for any issues.

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