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A Beginners Guide To How To Astral Project

A Beginners Guide To How To Astral Project


A Beginners Guide To How To Astral Project

by John B Keaple

Everyone is born with the ability to astral project. Most people are not even aware that they are traveling. What you want to learn is to astral project consciously you want to control where you send your astral body and remember what it does.

We will assume right now that you know what the astral body is and what the astral plane is. The purpose here is to offer a few different ways to learn how to astral project. Astral projection is a personal experience, so it is important that you figure out which techniques will work best for you.

This first method is easy for most people, and you do it just as you are getting ready to fall asleep. It is a very simple five step technique.

*First, before you go to sleep make sure that you completely relax your body. You want a deep state of relaxation. An easy way to do this is to lay in bed, and starting with your toes tense and relax each muscle. You want to work your way up your body, each muscle all the way to your face. At first, this may seem uncomfortable or your body may feel very heavy. There is nothing to worry about, this feeling is present because your body is not used to being this relaxed.

*Second, you need to deepen and slow your breathing. There is a technique that is used for meditation, and what you want to do it breathe in deeply and pay attention to the way the air feels as it enters your lungs and moves down through to your diaphragm. Then you exhale completely, slowly and as you feel the air leaving your lungs and going out of the body you are relaxing your body and mind. It is important that as you breathe in deeply that you do not fall asleep, to help avoid falling asleep you may want to focus on the center of your forehead.

*For step three, evaluate how your body feels. Is it heavy? Imagine your body is a lump of clay that does not move easily. Now, think of your astral body it feels so light. It is weightless floating free. Close your eyes and envision your astral self. It feels so light it could float easily like bubbles or feathers carried by a breeze. The contrast is the physical body feels very heavy, while the astral body feels light as a feather.

*This is the point when many people who prefer this astral projection technique say that they can see the dark room through their closed eyelids. They describe the room as being full of purple light. If you achieve this step, focus on the ceiling light.

*For the fifth step of this method, imagine that you are pulling the light on the ceiling toward you. This action may make you feel like you're floating. Remember to stay conscious! The floating feeling should continue, and if you look down, you may see your physical body asleep on the bed below.

Wow you just had a successful astral projection session! Now you can begin astral traveling. If this method did not work well for you, try out the next one.

This technique is known as the gazing method. You can do this technique when you are going to bed as well. All you need is something to focus on, this can be a picture in your room, the moon outside the window, a crystal, whatever you prefer.

Once you've chosen your object, lie down and get comfortable. Turn your attention to the object. As you keep staring at it, your eyelids should begin to feel heavy. No matter what, keep staring at the object. While your eyes will tend to close eventually, you should still be able to see the object. While you continue to stare, you may feel the urge to sit or stand up. When you do get up, don't be surprised if you see your physical form peacefully asleep.

Do not lose heart if neither of these techniques works the first time or even the second. Try them a third time, if they still dont work, there are other techniques that you can use. It is important that you dont get frustrated, which will increase anxiety and be counter productive in promoting relaxation.

In fact it is vital you understand that whatever tools and techniques you try, the main stumbling block to successful astral projection is actually your own subconscious mind. You need to reassure your subconscious mind that it is perfectly okay for your spiritual body to leave your physical body. One way you can do this is by using affirmations. Once your subconscious mind understands this, then you will find astral projection easy!

There are a few short cuts that can help you learn to astral project very quickly. They can speed up the process of getting into a relaxed state of mind, making it much easier to have a successful astral session.

Hypnosis may help you achieve a relaxed state much more quickly. If you use a quality guided hypnosis session, it can also help explain how to astral project so you don't have to worry about remembering what to do next. This lets you just follow the session and relax, increasing your chances of having a successful astral projection.

Another new method using sound technology involves "binaural beats." This involves different frequencies of sound being played in each ear. This technique can rapidly put you into a very deep meditative state that is perfect for successful astral projecting.

The most important thing to remember is that astral projecting is not as hard as many people think it is. You were born with this natural ability! The tools and methods outlined here are just ways to help you develop this talent to its fullest capacity.

About the Author:
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