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A Beginner's Guide to Fat Loss

A Beginner's Guide to Fat Loss


A Beginner's Guide to Fat Loss

by Levi Herbert

The most common goal for starting a fitness routine is to get rid of unwanted body fat that has accumulated throughout the body. A good fitness routine can assist with the shedding of this body fat, while also helping to prevent heart disease, stroke and other medical ailments. In addition, the loss of excess body fat through a proper fitness routine builds confidence with a healthier body as well as the knowledge of knowing you are not part of the 85% of lazy Americans.

Choosing a fat reducing fitness routine can be very difficult when you don't know what works and what doesn't. This lesson contains the information needed on what the body requires in order to start melting away those unwanted pounds and start building confidence and self satisfaction.

The premise of weight loss comes down to the body burning more calories a day than one consumes. However this can be done in a safe or dangerous routine, depending on the methods used. Burning fat does not require hours of running and starvation, but instead a routine designed to place the body in a fat burning metabolic zone that allows the body hours of maximum calorie utilization.

The belief that weight training alone will gain you a muscle builders physique could not be further from the truth. Anyone just beginning a fitness routine should incorporate both cardio and weight training in order to achieve their goal. Listed below is an example of a beginners workout.

Cardio - This can be done through either treadmills or stationary bikes, however the treadmill typically yields a greater result.

This routine is also referred o as High Intensity Interval Training as is highly recognized by fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

1. Warm up Phase

To reduce pain or injury during exercise, start with low intensity running or biking. Utilize this workout for 5 minutes at a slow pace.

2. High Intensity - Step up the pace to about 85% of your ability for a time period of 30 seconds.

3. Low Intensity - For one and a half minutes, decrease to a walking pace at about 25$ of your ability.

Continue the alternating of high intensity and low intensity for a period of 30 minutes in order to optimize calorie expenditure and reduce the risk of injury.

Losing fat takes time and hard work. Do not be discouraged if results are not immediate. If followed properly, the above workout can begin your journey to success. In addition, there are many fitness methods out there, so do not hesitate to move on to methods you are capable of. Stay dedicated, work hard and a healthier, more confident you is soon to follow!

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