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A Beautiful Diet For Beautiful Hair

A Beautiful Diet For Beautiful Hair


A Beautiful Diet For Beautiful Hair

by Rob Maraby

Your hair needs vitamins and mineral as much as the rest of your body. In the same way that you see a difference in your skin after a week of junk food, your hair will also react. It is essential to make sure that your hair is getting all the nutrition it needs to grow to its full potential.

Hair is made up of cells, and new cells need amino acids to grow, particularly cystine, cysteine, methionine, arginine and lysine. These amino acids come from protein rich foods in your diet; so eating a healthy amount of protein will give your body the building blocks for healthy hair.

No one likes to shed hair around the house, but you may be surprised to learn that one cause of shedding is a lack of protein in your diet. By skimping on protein you may inadvertently trigger a resting phase in your hair and this will ultimately result in shedding. Experts recommend a guideline of 15% of your daily calories from protein. A few good sources are lean meat, poultry and dairy products and nuts and seeds.

Vitamin B is another good promoter of healthy hair growth. Vitamin B is abundant in carbohydrates which also aid the growth of body tissues. Carbohydrate is important for overall health.

Whole grain, rice as well as fruits and vegetables are all recommended to fulfill your daily carbohydrate quota. It is recommended that 55% - 60% of the calories we consume on a daily basis come from carbohydrates, but these should be unrefined and favor more natural alternatives.

As much as modern society may shy away from fat, it is actually vitally important for health. According to experts, 25% - 30% of daily calorie intake should come from fat sources such as lean meat and plant sources. We need fat for energy, for healthy growth and healthy hair.

While hair growth may not massively speed up, it will grow longer and healthier if you follow these tips for best hair growth. This daily routine will stand you in good stead to get beautiful hair.

However, if you want to give these tips a little extra oomph, then use Mira Hair Oil. It combines essential herbs and oils to give the best possible hair growth. It can be applied, left on overnight and washed out in the morning as part of your normal routine. The coconut oil is recommended, but there are plenty to experiment with to find out which suits you best!

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