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99% of Keyword Research Pro Reviews are Bogus

99% of Keyword Research Pro Reviews are Bogus


99% of Keyword Research Pro Reviews are Bogus

by Andy Fonz

Now that the so called newest greatest keyword research tool has launched, it will mean hundreds of new sales pages disguised as Keyword Research Pro review sites will hit Google.

Yes they might say scam in the tittles or some other Guru conceived trick to get you to think you are about to ready a real review on Keyword Research Pro, when in fact it would be easy money if you lay down a bet that they will recommend to buy it in the end.

It amazes me that the Gurus continue to get away with writing sales letters and calling them reviews, but it's still working so we'll see them use it on Keyword Research Pro too.

They are more than happy to tell you that you're on the right track, and they'll even help you make your purchase right from their site.

This article is different, be prepared for an honest Keyword Research review without an affiliate link to sell it to you..

Keyword Research Pro will do just what is says it will do research keywords. I'll even give it points for helping some with helping to find niche products. The problem is this is only a quarter of what you need to move this from research to making money..

You see while keyword research is a very important part of online marketing, it is just the beginning of actually making money online. You need to also be able to do product research and create multiple web 2.0 and blog sites to feed your money pages.

We're still not done, if you are to succeed online you will need to add article, book marking and RSS feed submissions and a good linking strategy to your plan.

You probably won't see any of this mentioned in any of the other Keyword Research Pro reviews. The reason being Keyword Research Pro does not help you with any of them.

There is a single piece of software that does provide all of the above listed features needed to be successful online, and that is why I decided to pass on Keyword Research Pro.

I hope this Keyword Research Pro review shows you the difference between a product that answers one facet of online marketing, and finding a complete marketing solution.

About the Author:
Andy Fonz has been marketing on the Internet for eleven years and his Keyword Research Pro review is the only true review on the Internet.

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