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8 Uses For Tea Tree Oil A Natural Antiseptic

8 Uses For Tea Tree Oil A Natural Antiseptic


8 Uses For Tea Tree Oil, A Natural Antiseptic

by Jemma Rivera

Tea tree oil is something which has been used in consumer goods for many years now, but it's history goes back far longer than the time when you could buy it at your local drugstore. Australia's aboriginal peoples have used tea tree oil for thousands of years. The crushed leaves of the tree were used to treat wounds, being directly applied with a mud pack to keep the leaves on the wound. The aborigines had the right idea; it's one of the most powerful natural antiseptics known. Tea tree oil is commonly used today for reasons including:

Tea tree oil can be used to cure common fungal infections affecting the skin, such as tinea corporis and athlete's foot. It relieves the itching and kills the fungus to prevent the infection from spreading while clearing it up.

It is also a useful ingredient in soap. The natural antiseptic and cleansing properties of this oil provide gentle and effective cleansing and disinfection for clean hands.

It works wonders for acne. Many think this is impossible because it is "oil" but it actually draws the oil from your skin. A combination of oil and dirt is what causes pimples in the first place, so by getting to the root of the problem you will be able to control it quicker.

You can also find relief from razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Simply apply tea tree oil regularly for a few days and your razor bumps will disappear, the soreness will be reduced and you'll be able to pull out the hair easily.

It is said that there is nothing else to put on your freshly pierced ears besides Surgical Spirits, but why put that on when it burns? Try Tea Tree Oil. It does the same thing except it doesn't hurt at all and it will also help your new holes heal quicker.

Tea tree oil is a good addition to your first aid kit as well. Applied to broken skin and rashes, the oil kills bacteria and keeps the wound sterile. As a topical antiseptic, it's very effective.

You don't only have to use Tea Tree Oil when you have acne or pimples on your face. You can use it as a daily face wash as it uses its natural abilities to draw out impurities and dirt from your skin.

It's even an effective treatment for oral Candida infections (thrush). A tablespoon of tea tree oil mixed with water and used as a mouth rinse four times daily can clear up most cases in short order.

Tea Tree Oil works wonders for many different things, from your feet to your mouth. Whatever you need to use it for it doesn't matter, as it will more than likely work. It is a light yellow oil that is produced by the leaves being steamed to force out the oil and it is then bottled for your benefits. It is not an expensive product, it is natural so causes no side effects, and it is just great to have around the house.

About the Author:
Author Profile:Jemma Rivera promotes organic beauty tips on Organic Skin Care at her homepage Miessence Beauty that does encourage feeling healthy through Natural alternatives. Let nature help you shine!

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