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8 Best Jobs With An Online Information Technology Degree

8 Best Jobs With An Online Information Technology Degree


8 Best Jobs With An Online Information Technology Degree

by Mary Jackson

Why not have an awesome career doing something you already love? For example, do you enjoy testing the newest software products on the market? Do you like to work with computers and learn new programs? Then, you need an online IT degree. After graduation, here are some of the fantastic jobs needing talented people like you:

Computer engineer Systems analyst Computer programme Database administrator Software Support Software engineer Network Administrator Interface designer

Many companies today depend on people who have technological expertise. Thus, a degree in information technology not only leads to a rewarding job, businesses will come looking for you.

Each of these careers is rewarding and necessary, as more and more companies are in need of those who can use this technology to further their businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition, the majority of programmers have a degree in Computer Science or related area of expertise. So, it stands to reason that a technological degree will greatly improve your chances of finding an enjoyable and enviable career.

What education will you receive with an online IT degree?

A career in Computer Security, informational technology, or any of the other dream careers mentioned, can be attained with an online degree. The quality of education is exactly the same. However, you can still be gainfully employed and maintain a family life. Forget going to class, study when most convenient, and do not fight for a parking space. Attend classes online from the comforts of home.

While you are earning an online IT degree, expect to learn the following and more:

Hardware and software design Software development Troubleshooting Networking Data Security Database management Web design Develop security plans

As companies continue to grow and advance in the technological age, specialized departments are often necessary keep the businesses up and running, including maintaining open lines of communication with consumers and employees. Companies geared toward manufacturing and computers need talented individuals with expertise in developing new software and hardware to keep up with consumer needs and desires. With so many options, IT students will need to discover their niche of particular interest.

Choosing the right online IT degree

When looking for an online degree program, it's important to determine which direction you want to move toward in terms of your career. While some areas of computer science and technology, such as computer programming, have seen a slow decline in the number of open positions since 2006, other areas such as computer support and information security have seen an increase.

Once again referring to the most recent edition of the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the coming years should continue to see a rise in the need for support personnel by approximately 13%. When deciding on the best career options, make certain the online college of choice is accredited, determine your technological strengths and interests, decide whether to get a degree encompassing many areas of technology or hone in on one area of expertise. Finally, make sure to select a program most likely to ensure employment right out of college.

Earning an online IT degree in any of the specialized areas mentioned above will provide the opportunity to gain the expertise, in great demand, that will translate into a fulfilling and lucrative career. You chances of finding a good job right out of college are greater. In fact, potential employers may come looking for you, and offer you a place in the company immediately after graduation.

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