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7 Things to Consider in Doing Treadmill Comparisons

7 Things to Consider in Doing Treadmill Comparisons


7 Things to Consider in Doing Treadmill Comparisons

by Chloe Adisson

To some extent, it is true that it is better to have more options to choose from than to have less. However, competitiveness between treadmill brands makes it so difficult for buyers to decide. When making treadmill comparisons, you should consider understanding the essentials of the equipment.

The budget usually decides which treadmill to get. While comparing treadmills, it is always a strong factor in the checklist. Unless you are buying a treadmill for a gym, hotel, or other commercial use, you'd find that a limited budget can be frustrating.

To help you out, here are some of the basic things you need to know and include in your checklist when making treadmill comparisons. Make sure you have considered them strongly when looking for the best buy.

- Ask about the motor. If you are just looking for a treadmill that you could use at home, a 2.0 hp motor is recommended. Some may cost more but that's because other brands have more features added to it. Understand the motor's purpose first before checking on other features.

- Look for a sturdy walking belt. The belt is another part of the treadmill that is expensive. Make sure that you choose the brand that is easy to maintain. When the belt breaks down, complications arise. Ensure that the user manual is easy to understand.

- The treadmill's cushioning is another essential point of consideration. At this point, it can be a bit difficult to make a judgment about the cushioning of a treadmill. Reading treadmill comparisons may not be enough. So it's best that when you finalize your checklist, you try them out yourself and see if all the claims are justified.

- Select the treadmill with a good frame. This is important too because when your treadmill starts running, vibrations occur. If a treadmill doesn't have a strong frame construction, it may not last long enough. Go to a store and verify this component as well.

- The deck is as important as the walking belt. This part of the treadmill works hand in hand with the belt. So when you do some cushioning and belt test, check on the deck also. Compare it between brands and your budget.

- Warranty should also be another determining factor. A treadmills warranty offering and service often determines the quality of the equipment your buying. When doing treadmill comparisons, get the brands that offer a 5 year warranty on the motor, 2 years on the parts and at least a year of labor.

- Ask about added features. Practically, all treadmills do the same thing. Manufacturers compete in the market with treadmill extras such as console features, water holders, and other stuff that you can live without. However, not all extras are trivial. Some are useful too.

Reading consumer and expert reviews would also help. It makes it much easier if you have a list of brands already. But even if you are on a limited budget, do not make comparisons between a motorized and a manual treadmill.

These treadmill reviews usually give a list of which treadmills you should get and which ones you should avoid. Check if what you have in your list has positive feedbacks. Change your list if you have to then base your treadmill comparisons there.

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Stop throwing your money on a bad treadmill. Compare treadmill and find the best one for you from treadmill comparisons.

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