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7 Skinny Secrets - Easy Tips for Creating a Svelte Figure

7 Skinny Secrets - Easy Tips for Creating a Svelte Figure


7 Skinny Secrets - Easy Tips for Creating a Svelte Figure

by Marna Goldstein

Everyone is intrigued by skinny people. We wonder what it will take for us to get that kind of figure or if the skinny are that way because of their family characteristics. Did the thin hit a lucky streak? Or must they work extra hard to keep that svelte figure.

It might be, then again, it might not

Those who are really thin likely work really hard to stay thin. These are the folks who watch every single calorie that crosses their hips and eat rabbit food with no dressing.

On the other hand there are other thin individuals who make thin look easy.

Many common character traits are shared by the naturally thin that help to maintain their svelte figures. Among the hundreds of naturally skinny people I've interviewed over the last 14 years, I've found seven secrets they have in common. If you can, try to identify with some of them. Also, see what changes you could easily make to become a naturally thin person with a svelte figure too.

1. Thin is the thinking of the day with thin people. They KNOW they will be thin forever. They never talk about being fat, or not having enough to eat. They tell themselves thin stuff and their reaction to circumstances is different. They don't use food to placate themselves if something unpleasant happens or go on an eating binge when procrastinating. They don't see food as anything more than as fuel for their bodies. They may enjoy it, but that is all there is to it.

2. The naturally thin don't diet. Its true. These naturally thin men and women would never think of dieting. Why, because they've never had to and never thought of themselves any other way, but skinny. When asking thin people if they worry about gaining weight, they most always say something to the voice of, no and when I ask why not? they say because I never have been overweight.

3. Never mix emotions and food. If a thin person is sad, they go cry or talk to someone. If they become angry about something, they do something to relieve that stress like working out or punching their pillows. They just don't confuse emotions and eating because it makes no sense to them. The only time they think about food is when they become hungry - not because they are upset or sad. When upset or sad, they deal with those emotions. When they are hungry, only then is when they eat. They commonly deal with emotions in an emotional way.

4. The naturally thin can be social without eating. If the thin are invited to a bbq and they aren't hungry, they have no problem standing around not eating. If and when they get hungry, they will gladly grab a dog or burger, but not until then. They go to a bbq to enjoy the company of friends and family. Grazing for the simple act of grazing is not an option.

5. The naturally thin eat foods they love. It would never make sense for them to eat celery sticks if they weren't craving celery. They eat foods that they crave when they are hungry. They never go into deprivation mode by saying no, I can't have that. They know that they are entitled to eat whatever they want when they are hungry. No is not an option unless of course there is an allergy or sensitivity to certain foods.

6. The naturally thin don't numb out or mindlessly eat. They stay conscious of what they're eating and the effects it's having on their body. They would almost never find themselves with their hand at the bottom of a bucket of popcorn at a movie, wondering who ate it all. These naturally thin men and women know how hungry or full they are before, while, or after they eat a meal. Naturally thin people are ignorant about food. They don't know anything about diets, and the process of counting calories baffles them.

7. These thin people never overeat. They are appalled by overeating. They know it sucks their energy and bloats their stomachs. Yekk, the extreme discomfort prevents them from repeating the experience and reinforces the negative aspect of overeating. Average naturally thin people overeat less than two percent of the time.

Can you see the difference in their actions and mindset?

Now you know that thin has nothing to do with luck, or genetics, the quality or type of food. Thin people don't gain weight because of how they eat, their connection with their body, when they eat and the freedom to choose any type of food.

So, now that you know all this, if you are considering losing weight, there is no time like the present and dieting isn't necessary as the naturally thin don't.

About the Author:
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